List of Accredited Colleges with Graphic Design Programs

In today’s sinking economy, many people are scrambling to start a profession that will be in demand for years to come. For artistic individuals looking to start such a profession, graphic design is it! Words alone sometimes aren’t enough to convey certain messages. To make a larger impact with their message, many businesses and advertising agencies will hire graphic designers. These professionals use a variety of different visual components – including drawings, photographs, text, and color – to create stunning visual messages. With modern technology advancing as fast as it is, the number of websites is growing by leaps and bounds. In order to make their websites look as credible as possible, many webmasters and online businesses hire graphic designers to create the majority of the visual aspects of their websites.

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How to be Successful in Graphic Design

Graphic design is a very competitive industry. In order to be a successful graphic designer in today’s marketplace, you will need to cultivate a solid understanding of graphic design principles and eventually master the different techniques to create exceptional designs.

There are two primary ways for an individual to pursue graphic design as a career: On their own or through Art or Graphic Design schools. Let’s take a look at the two different paths…

  • Some extremely talented – and equally lucky – individuals will be able to teach themselves the basic principles, techniques, and elements of graphic design. This can be done by pouring through books, researching on the internet, and simply practicing.

One of the benefits of learning this art form on one’s own, in lieu of formal training, is the cost. Many students attempt to avoid the accumulation of long term student debt that may extend well past graduation. Programs at graphic design schools and traditional liberal arts colleges are typically expensive, often requiring financial aid or special funding.

  • Earning a graphic design degree at one of the many accredited art or graphic design schools is another way to start a graphic design career. A degree in graphic design will enable a student to get a more in-depth understanding of graphic design elements. Since this field is becoming more specialized, many potential employers may not even consider an applicant without a graphic design degree.

Many graphic design schools also enable students to broaden their horizons a bit. For example, they might be exposed to a certain type of graphic design that they otherwise wouldn’t have, like logo design or animation. It is true, however, that attending graphic design schools do cost more than learning these skills on one’s own.

Cost of Graphic Design Schools

Cost is often one of the biggest factors that may make people shy away from graphic design schools. The cost of a reputable graphic design school can be quite high, and many people don’t believe that they can afford it. In reality, the majority of people can afford to attend almost any of the several graphic design schools in the country. When looking to further their education, most people will qualify for some sort of financial aid. The government gives away several grants and scholarships, for example, as do many non-profit organizations, businesses, and educational institutes. Student loans and work study programs can also help take the sting out of graphic art school costs.

Different graphic design schools also usually have different tuition costs as well. Some schools, for instance, may not be as pricey as others.

Types of Graphic Design Schools

Although art and graphic design schools are the most popular, keep in mind that there are several different types of schools that you can choose from in order to earn your graphic design degree. Each of these types of schools has their advantages and disadvantages.

  • Art and Graphic Design Schools

Due to the increasing popularity of art careers in recent years, several schools that cater to more
creative types have popped up all across the country. Earning a graphic design degree from an art school allows students to get a more focused education. Not only do these types of schools have experienced and talented professors, they also enable a student to network and connect with other like minded individuals.

  • Traditional Colleges and Universities

Along with several other degree programs, many traditional colleges and universities also offer graphic design degree programs. Earning an education from these types of institutes allows students to take other elective courses that aren’t always available at most schools geared toward art professions. They may not, however, get a truly focused graphic design education.

  • Online Graphic Arts Schools

With the Internet becoming so much more reliable, affordable, and generally accessible, more and more students are turning to online schools to further their education. Graphic design students will quickly find that not only are online graphic design degrees possible, they are also extremely convenient. These types of schools typically allow students to earn their degrees at their own pace, while still working a full-time job or taking care of a family. Online schools are also usually a little less expensive than traditional brick and mortar schools. Students who yearn for real life interaction with faculties and other students, however, may not be well suited for an online education.

Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing a Graphic Design School

Just as every student is different, so is every graphic design school. Not every school is suited for every different student, for example, and many times, choosing between all of the different graphic design schools can be difficult, even a little intimidating.

Choosing the right graphic design school is extremely important. Ultimately, you should choose a school based on your wants and needs. Before you make a final decision, you should ask yourself several questions about each school.