Graphic Design Schools in Wyoming

Graphic design is art typically combined with marketing or advertising. Students learn processes and aesthetic techniques to create various types of projects, from magazine page layouts to brochures and more. In the state of Wyoming, the graphic design industry is in a downhill slide. However, those living there can learn the trade within their own state before relocating to an area that will offer them more opportunities. It’s still possible to find an attractive position within the state, provided you have an excellent educational background and training.

Statistics for Graphic Designers in Wyoming

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in May of 2012, there were approximately 280 graphic designers employed in the state of Wyoming. Bringing home an annual median wage of $35,140, these professionals earned an hourly median wage of $15.74. With an average of 9 to 12 students graduating in the state of Wyoming with a graphic design degree, there are currently more professionals than positions to fill. In fact, according to Wyoming Labor Market Information, the industry will decrease by about 7.3% through the year 2021.

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Why the Industry in Wyoming Is Slowing Down

All over the country, graphic designers face strong competition. When the number of graduates is higher than the demand for graphic designers, it can be more difficult to find a position. However, freelance graphic designers have the option of telecommuting and can be very successful on their own, from any state. The BLS reports that in May of 2009, 29% of graphic designers were self-employed. The great news is that throughout the country, the graphic design industry is on the rise with the growth rate at 13%. This is about as fast as average for all other industries. A graphic design degree can give you the option of taking advantage of this growth by telecommuting, no matter where you currently reside.

Working as a Graphic Designer in Wyoming

When searching for places to apply in the state of Wyoming, graphic designers should first scour larger cities, which typically have more opportunities. Areas like Cheyenne, Casper, Laramie and Jackson are home to hundreds of advertising and marketing agencies that employ graphic designers. Companies like Western Sky Design, Snowy Range Graphics and BMT Design are all examples of businesses that employ graphic designers. Many of these companies serve a range of clients and provide the aesthetic aspects of their marketing or advertising.

Graphic Design Schools in Wyoming

There are a handful of graphic design schools to choose from in the state of Wyoming.

Casper College – Casper College offers an Associate of Arts Degree in graphic design as well as a certificate in architectural graphics and design.

Central Wyoming College – Central Wyoming College offers an Associate of Applied Science in graphic design.

Students can also choose from Northwest College and College America – Cheyenne. In addition to the campus-based options for graphic design degrees in Washington, there are online options as well.

You can learn more about the campus-based and online graphic design schools in Wyoming here.



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