Graphic Design Schools in Washington

Graphic designers are typically responsible for things like the page layout and design in your favorite magazine, the eye-catching logo of your favorite fast food chain, and the brochure your car insurance agent gave you. These professionals handle the aesthetic aspects of marketing, advertising and various other industries. Washington residents who plan to train as graphic designers have a bustling job market and plenty of school options to look forward to.

Statistics for Graphic Designers in Washington

The Washington State Employment Security Department estimates that this industry will experience just over 3% growth through the year 2021, with nearly 700 total openings through (between 2011 and 2021). It’s estimated that about 279 students graduate with a graphic design degree in Washington each year, and there are plenty of opportunities and positions available for those professionals. As of May 2012 there were 4,280 graphic designers employed in the state of Washington according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and they earned an annual median salary of $52,870. This is significantly higher than the national median pay for graphic designers.

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Statistics and Growth for Graphic Designers in the US

The flourishing graphic design industry in Washington is simply a reflection of a great industry throughout the US. With a 13% growth rate, this industry is growing about as fast as average for all other occupations. The US annual median pay was about $43,500 in May 2012 and by the year 2020, more than 37,000 new positions will be available (including replacement positions). Although there is no state-mandated degree requirement, most employers will want their new hires to have at least a bachelor’s degree.

Working as a Graphic Designer in Washington

Data shows that the majority of graphic designers will end up working with computer systems, publishing or software companies. Many of these graduates will work with advertising and marketing. There are hundreds of possibilities throughout the state of Washington, but individuals may have better luck in larger cities like Seattle, Tacoma, Spokane and Bellevue. Companies like Free Range Studios, Catch Design Studios and CPF Marketing Communications are all examples of companies that hire graphic designers. In addition to this, a large percentage of graphic designers in Washington work as self-employed artists or freelancers.

Graphic Design Schools in Washington

Young artists interested in graphic design schools in Washington have a variety of options. Students can choose from schools like University of Washington or the Seattle Campus, Bellevue College, Central Washington University, Eastern Washington University, Edmonds Community College, Everett Community College, Pierce College at Fort Steilacoom, Seattle Community College – Central Campus, Highline Community College, Shoreline Community College, Yakima Valley Community College, Lake Washington Technical College, the Art Institute of Seattle and Walla Walla University.

These are just the campus-based graphic design schools in Washington State. You can learn more about the online and campus-based schools here.



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