Graphic Design Schools in Vermont

Magazines, website designers and even non-profit organizations utilize graphic designers for the aesthetic aspects of their marketing and advertising literature. They use various tools and processes to create logos, images, illustrations or layouts. In order to gain the necessary skills for becoming a graphic designer, individuals need to build a rich foundation with a high quality education.

Statistics for Graphic Designers in Vermont

The State of Vermont Department of Labor estimates that the graphic design industry will grow 9% through the year 2020, which only translates to about 41 new openings in that time. This is significantly slower than the national growth rate for this career but those with an excellent education can still find plenty of opportunities available. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that as of May 2012 there were about 500 graphic designers employed in the state of Vermont, and they earned an annual median salary of $43,660. This is about average when compared to the salary of a graphic designer on a nationwide level.

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Why the Industry is Slow-Growing in Vermont

There are several reasons that some areas experience slower growth in the graphic design industry than others. There is a lot of competition for graphic design jobs, which can result in new graduates having a more difficult time finding openings. However, the growth of graphic design in computer systems design is growing rapidly; 61% through the year 2020. With more individuals interested in building businesses online and more companies and organizations creating websites, graphic designers with experience in web design or multimedia art are highly sought after.

Graphic Design in the US

Throughout the rest of the US, this industry is growing at an average rate. The BLS reports the median annual salary for these professionals as $43,500 (May 2012). While there are certain entry level positions that may not require a formal education, most employers will require at least a bachelor’s degree to enter this field.

Working as a Graphic Designer in Vermont

Typically, hotspots for graphic design are in larger cities like Burlington, Montpelier, Brattleboro and Stowe. However, there are nearly 300 marketing and advertising firms throughout the state of Vermont and numerous web design, publishing and software companies. These are the kinds of employers that hire graphic designers. Names like Shark Communications, Northern Sign Co, The Imagination Company and Brandthropology are all examples of companies that often hire graphic designers. The BLS also reports that in May 2009, nearly 29% of graphic designers were self-employed, so that is always an option.

Graphic Design Schools in Vermont

There are two campus-based schools to choose from in the state of Vermont.

Community College of Vermont – Community College of Vermont offers up an Associate of Arts degree in graphic design.

Lyndon State College – Lyndon State College offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in graphic design.

Both of these schools are great choices, and share the credit for graduates nearly evenly. In 2009, 67% of graphic design graduates received their degree from Lyndon State College. There are also online options for those who can’t make it to a campus-based school or need to study in their own time.

You can learn more about the campus-based and online graphic design schools in Vermont here.



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