Graphic Design Schools in Tennessee

The graphic design industry is growing all over the US, and that’s true for Tennessee as well. Graphic designers create designs that are visually compelling for a variety of different projects. Performing this job requires knowledge of art, various tools and software programs, and even information about marketing and advertising. In order to do the job successfully, individuals need a strong educational background. Most employers require a bachelor’s degree from applicants for graphic design positions.

Statistics for Graphic Designers in Tennessee

The Bureau of Labor Statistics collects data from all occupations in each state, and creates reports based on that data. As of May 2012, there were 2,820 graphic designers employed in the state of Tennessee. Those professionals earned an annual median salary of $40,520, or about $18 per hour. The graphic design industry is growing at a rate of about 7% through the year 2018. Although this is slower than the national average for all other careers, Tennessee residents still have a lot of opportunities available to them. It is also not uncommon for students to train in the state of Tennessee and then relocate to a more advantageous location.

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The Industry in Tennessee and Across the US

The reason the industry is so slow growing in the state of Tennessee comes down to a matter of competition. About 90 students graduate in the state of Tennessee each year with a graphic design degree, and the number of graduates is greater than the number of positions opening. The growth rate in the rest of the US is better; 13%, which is considered average. The median annual salary across the US was $43,500 in May of 2012, as reported by the BLS. However, the lowest 10% earned less than $26,200 and the top 10% earned more than $76,910 in 2010.

Working as a Graphic Designer in the State of Tennessee

It’s advisable for recent graduates to check out the larger cities in Tennessee when searching for jobs; Nashville, Memphis, Chatanooga, Knoxville, etc. These areas are likely to offer more opportunities and those with a background in multimedia art or with web design skills may have more advantages than those who don’t. Some examples of companies that are likely to hire graphic designers include Anderson Design Group Studio, DirectFX Solutions, Design Pro LLC and Horton Group. Working as a freelancer or a self-employed graphic designer is also an option; in May 2009 more than 29% of graphic designers were self-employed.

Graphic Design Schools in Tennessee

There are 8 different graphic design schools in the state of Tennessee to choose from.

Lipscomb University – Lipscomb University in Nashville offers a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in graphic design.

Tennessee College of Applied Technology – Tennessee College of Applied Technology in Memphis offers a degree in computer based graphic design.

Other school options include Carson Newman College, The Art Institute of Tennessee-Nashville, Daymar Institute, International Academy of Design and Technology, Nossi College of Art, and Watkins College of Art, Design & Film.

The above locations are just the campus-based schools for graphic design in Tennessee. You can learn more about the campus and online graphic design schools in Tennessee here.



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