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Graphic Design Schools in South Dakota

From the South Dakota Art Museum in Brookings to the Washington Pavilion of Arts and Sciences in Sioux Falls, South Dakota is a state known for supporting the arts. When it comes to graphic artists, the industry isn’t growing quite as quickly as some other states but it is steadily on the rise. Graphic artists work with a variety of different clients and customers, creating visually compelling designs. However, before entering the industry, these individuals need to learn different techniques, software tools, and information to be successful.

Statistics for Graphic Designers in South Dakota

Of the nearly 400,000 employed individuals in South Dakota in May 2012, about 560 were graphic designers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that these professionals earned an annual median salary of $34,210. While this is significantly lower than the national average for all occupations, pay is highly dependent upon numerous variables including location and experience. Data also suggests that graduates with experience or knowledge surrounding web design and multimedia can expect more opportunities and higher pay.

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National Statistics for Graphic Designers

Throughout the US, there were 191,440 graphic designers employed in May of 2012, and they earned an annual median salary of $44,150. The BLS lists the states with the highest employment level in this occupation as California (25,880), New York (18,010), Texas (11,180), Florida (10,920) and Illinois (10,480). Most graduates work in specialized design services, publishing (newspaper, periodical, book and directory publishers), and in advertising, public relations and marketing.

Working as a Graphic Designer in South Dakota

There are hundreds of marketing and advertising agencies in South Dakota, as well as software companies and publishing companies – all of which hire graphic designers from time to time. The most opportunities in South Dakota are in larger cities like Sioux Falls, Rapid City, Deadwood and Brookings. Names like Pinnacle Creative Services in Sioux Falls, Turning Point Productions in Mitchell, Design Loft in Sioux Falls and B & N Graphics in Aberdeen are all examples of companies that might hire graphic designers. A large number of graphic designers in South Dakota are self-employed or work as freelancers.

Graphic Design Schools in South Dakota

South Dakota offers 4 different campus-based graphic design schools.

South Dakota State University – South Dakota State University offers a major in graphic design from their Department of Visual Arts.

Dakota State University – Dakota State University offers up a Bachelor of Science degree in digital arts and design.

Mount Marty College and Dakota Wesleyan University are the other options individuals have for being trained in graphic design. While these are the only campus-based schools available, there are numerous online graphic design schools in South Dakota.

You can learn more about the campus-based and online graphic design schools in South Dakota here.



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