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Graphic Design Schools in Rhode Island

Graphic designers are often challenged to come up with stunning and compelling visual designs for a variety of different purposes; this can include everything from magazine page layout to business logos or website designs. Learning specific techniques and tools in graphic design schools is a must for those who hope to become successful in this industry. Although the industry in Rhode Island isn’t as promising as in many other states, there is still a solid graphic design industry in this state.

Statistics for Graphic Designers in Rhode Island

In May of 2012, there were 453,020 individuals employed in the state of Rhode Island. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that 610 of those people were employed as graphic designers. The annual median wage of these professionals was $52,000, translating to an hourly median wage of $22.94. This is above the national average for all other types of occupations. The Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training projects a 6% growth rate for this industry through the year 2020. This is slower than the national average for other occupations, but there are still plenty of opportunities for graphic designers in this state.

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Reasons for a Slower Growth Rate in Rhode Island

Graphic designers will always have more opportunities in larger areas with higher populations; they thrive in areas where their demand is higher. The states with the highest employment levels for this career are California, New York, Texas, Florida and Illinois. Individuals in Rhode Island can increase their chances of finding employment by gaining experience in multimedia art as well as website design. The annual median salary for graphic designers throughout the US was $44,150 in May 2012, and there were 279,200 employed throughout the US.

Working as a Graphic Designer in the State of Rhode Island

Each year, an average of 100 individuals graduate in the state of Rhode Island with a degree in graphic design. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says these graduates will most likely end up working in specialized design services, advertising or with print or publishing companies. The hotspots for graphic designers in Rhode Island are in the larger cities of Providence, Newport, Warwick and Cranston. Companies like Graystone Studios Ltd, Rainbow Print Group, 401 Graphics and 1000 Watts Publications are examples of companies that might hire graphic designers.

Graphic Design Schools in Rhode Island

Those within the state of Rhode Island who want to become graphic designers have 2 campus-based schools to choose from.

Johnson & Wales University – The Graphic Design & Digital Media program at Johnson & Wales University offers a bachelor’s degree in graphic design.

Rhode Island School of Design – Rhode Island School of Design offers several different degree levels from their graphic design department.

Of the two schools, the latter is the largest based on student population. Keep in mind that these are only the campus-based school options. There are also online options for those who don’t have access to the physical schools.

You can learn more about the campus-based schools as well as the online graphic design schools in Rhode Island here.



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