Graphic Design Schools in Oregon

Graphic designers are responsible for creating high-quality designs that are used for a variety of different projects and industries. From magazine page layout to website design, graphic designers utilize a variety of tools and techniques in their work. They learn these techniques and processes in graphic design schools, which prepare them to enter the industry. The state of Oregon is a great place to learn and practice graphic design.

Statistics for Graphic Designers in Oregon

Of the 1,609,900 individuals employed in the state of Oregon in May 2012, 2,670 were graphic designers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Oregon Labor Department reports that the average annual pay for this occupation is $48,079, or $23.12 an hour. However, the top 10% can earn as much as $35.09 per hour and the bottom 10% can earn less than $12.94 per hour. Self-employment is estimated to be as much as 10% or higher with this career. Although there are no statewide requirements as far as degrees go, an associate’s degree is usually required to enter the field. Those with a bachelor’s degree may have more opportunities. This industry is slated to grow 19% through the year 2020.

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US Statistics for Graphic Designers

The graphic design industry is growing throughout the US at a rate of about 13% through the year 2020. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that in May of 2012, there were 279,200 graphic designers employed throughout the country and the median annual wage for those professionals was $43,500. As more companies make a home on the web and more individuals start companies, there will be an increased need for graphic designers. Those that have experience with web design and multimedia techniques will have more opportunities available to them. Although there are opportunities throughout the US, larger cities will typically offer more advantages.

Working as a Graphic Designer in Oregon

Most graphic designers will work with marketing firms, publishing or software companies throughout the state. The highest hourly wages are paid in the Multnomah/Washington areas, according to the Oregon Labor Department. Some companies in the state of Oregon hiring graphic designers include names like Speak!, Taylor Corporation, Nike, Columbia Sportswear Co, Anvil Northwest and Xerox Services. A great deal of new graduates and seasoned graphic designers work on a freelance level as well.

Graphic Design Schools in Oregon

There are a handful of great schools to choose from in the state of Oregon for graphic design.

Portland State University – Portland State University offers a Bachelor’s degree in art or sciences in graphic design.

Mt Hood Community College – Mt Hood Community College offers graphic design degrees through their Integrated Media Program.

The Art Institute of Portland – The Art Institute of Portland is the largest graphic design school when the population of students is considered.

Pacific Northwest College of Art – Pacific Northwest College of Art offers several undergraduate majors in arts and design.

These are just the campus-based schools; there are online graphic design schools in Oregon available as well. Feel free to learn more about the campus-based and online graphic design schools in the state of Oregon here.



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