Graphic Design Schools in Ohio

Graphic designers create visually compelling designs for a variety of different projects – including magazine page layout, logos, advertisements, websites, etc. There are many skills used in this career that individuals need to learn, from the software used to illustration and more. Gaining a great educational background can serve individuals throughout their whole graphic design career. Ohio is a great place to learn and practice graphic design.

Statistics for Graphic Designers in Ohio

The Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services estimates that the graphic design industry will grow about 6.3% through the year 2020. Although this is slower than the national average for all other careers, there are lots of opportunities for those who have a great education. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in May of 2012, there were more than 5 million people employed in the state of Ohio, and 7,530 of those were graphic designers. They earned an annual median salary of $45,350. Ohio does not have a requirement as far as degrees go, but a bachelor’s degree or higher is typically preferred by employers.

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Graphic Design Statistics in the US

While Ohio offers up a fairly good job market, the rest of the US is fairing even better. The growth rate for the career in the US is 13%, or about average. In May of 2012, nearly 280,000 graphic designers were employed throughout the country and they made an annual median salary of $43,500 as reported by the BLS. The highest levels of employment throughout the US for this career are in California, New York, Texas, Florida and Illinois.

Working as a Graphic Designer in Ohio

Most of the time, graphic designers can find the best opportunities in larger cities like Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus and Steubenville. However, throughout the entire state Ohio, there are thousands of graphic design firms, web design business, publishing and software companies. These are the industries most recent graduates work in. Names like JS-Design & Marketing, Hopping Media and SNIK Studios are all examples of companies that might hire graphic designers in Ohio. A large portion of graphic designers also work as self-employed artists or freelancers.

Graphic Design Schools in Ohio

Individuals who are looking for a great graphic design school in Ohio will find that there are a lot of different options.

Columbus State Community College – Columbus State Community College offers up an Associate’s of Arts in graphic design and is considered the largest (by student population) college for graphic design in the state.

Other options include Cuyahoga Community College District, University of Akron Main Campus, Ohio University Main Campus, Stark State College of Technology, Ashland University, Central Ohio Technical College, North Central State College, Cedarville University, Ohio Dominican University and 17 more.

While each of these campus-based schools has advantages to offer students, there are also online options as well. You can learn more about the campus-based and online graphic design schools in Ohio here.



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