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Graphic Design Schools in North Carolina

Graphic design is an industry that is growing steadily within the US and in North Carolina as well. These professionals use their artistic talent and industry skills to create visual designs for a variety of different projects including marketing material, magazine or book page layout, logos and website design. A great education is needed in order to learn the necessary skills, tools and knowledge needed to be successful in the graphic design industry.

North Carolina Graphic Designer Statistics

The North Carolina Department of Commerce estimates that the graphic design industry within the state will grow 12.9% through the year 2020. This is a fairly fast rate of growth, so graduates will have a variety of opportunities available to them. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in May 2012 there were 5,080 graphic designers within the state. They made an annual median salary of $43,980, which translates to an hourly median salary of $19.56. However, the rate of pay is dependent upon your location within the state as well as your experience.

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US Statistics for Graphic Designers

The flourishing graphic design industry in North Carolina is a reflection of the state of the industry in the rest of the US. The BLS reports that in May of 2012, there were 191,440 employed throughout the US and their annual median salary was $44,150. This is just the middle line, though; the salary can range from $26,250 to $77,490 and even higher. States that have the highest level of employment in this industry are California (25,880), New York (18,110), Texas (11,180), Florida (10,920) and Illinois (10,480).

Working as a Graphic Designer in North Carolina

Although there are opportunities all over the state of North Carolina, graphic design “hotspots” seem to be located in larger cities. Check areas like Charlotte, Raleigh, Asheville and Wilmington when searching for places to apply to. Companies like Alabaster Book Publishing, Kompleks Creative, MM Printing Co and Alter Imaging Inc are all examples of companies in North Carolina where graphic designers might work. A large percentage of these professionals also work as freelancers or self-employed artists.

Graphic Design Schools in North Carolina

There are several schools to choose from in North Carolina when you want a graphic design degree.

North Carolina State University – North Carolina State University at Raleigh offers up their prestigious college of design where students can earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree in graphic design.

Also available are Central Piedmont Community College, Appalachian State University, North Carolina A&T State University, Forsyth Technical Community College, Campbell University, High Point University, Lenoir Community College, Elizabeth City State University and 7 others.

There are unique advantages to each of these schools and there are also online graphic design schools in North Carolina individuals can choose from as well. You can learn more about the campus-based and online school options here.



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