Graphic Design Schools in Mississippi

Filling positions with advertising agencies, design firms and publishing companies, graphic designers are in charge of completing creative projects for their employer or clients. Equipped with the skills and experience to oversee color, text and image issues, applicants with formal training, such as those who have attended a graphic design school in Mississippi, generally find it easier to land a job within the industry. Graduates with a degree related to the field are most likely to fill higher-paying positions and enjoy promotions early on in their career.

Statistics for Graphic Design Schools in Mississippi

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that graphic design professionals employed in Mississippi typically earn a median yearly salary of $36,430. Across the nation, the BLS also identifies the following industries (with median salaries) as offering the highest level of employment for graphic designers in the United States: Specialized Design Services ($51,300), Advertising, Public Relations, and Related Services ($50,590), and Newspaper, Periodical, Book, and Directory Publishers ($43,470).

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Obtaining Graphic Design Training

To increase the chances of succeeding in such a competitive field, many aspiring graphic designers obtain formal training by earning a degree. In Mississippi, there are plenty of opportunities to take classes, build confidence, and sharpen creative skills related to the industry. Graphic design schools in Mississippi also allow students to gain valuable experience through internships and building a portfolio that impresses potential employers. Just some of the topics that professors tend to cover include color theory, typography, client communication, 3-D design, and art history.

Graphic Design Schools in Mississippi

To earn a certificate, associate degree, or bachelor’s degree from a graphic design school in Mississippi, aspiring graphic artists often pursue an education from one of the following learning institutions:

>Mississippi College – Mississippi College is a Christian university that offers undergraduate studies in Graphic Design through the Art Department, which typically leads to the completion of a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree program. In addition to building a portfolio, students take classes that touch upon graphic arts, acrylic and oil painting, illustration, web design, and communication.

Hinds Community College – Hinds Community College, located in Raymond, offers a two-year Graphic Design Technology program that prepares students for entry-level positions within the industry. The curriculum offers studies in typography, layouts, professional illustration, color theory, and digital imaging. Students often encounter a variety of class assignments that include designing a range of pieces, such as magazine ads, book cover designs, billboards, letterhead, T-shirts, and newsletters. Upon completion, graduates will have earned an Associate of Applied Science degree.

Meridian Community College – Meridian Community College offers a Graphic Design Technology curriculum that teaches the art of visual communications, and includes courses in illustration, package design, and printed publications. This two-year program prepares graduates to pursue an entry-level job position within the field, or to transfer credits to a four-year college program.

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College – The two-year Graphic Design Technology program at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College is offered at the Perkinston Campus, where students are introduced to the fundamentals of graphic arts, commercial art, media art, and Web graphics. Just some of the things taught at the school include how to select the appropriate ink and paper for a project, how to make signs, and exploring the different ways to print and bind books. Upon completion of the program, students will have earned an Associate in Applied Science degree.

Regardless if a graphic artist wishes to work with a company or establish a freelance career, obtaining formal training from a targeted degree program is highly recommended. However, not all instruction takes place in a classroom within a campus setting, as a growing number of people are discovering the benefits that come with pursuing an online education. To enjoy the convenience of a more flexible schedule and overall lower school costs, consider the following list of online graphic design programs for Mississippi:



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