Graphic Design Schools in Minnesota

Graphic designers tackle a wide range of projects – from creating birthday card illustrations to arranging the title designs for interactive media. When it comes to qualifying and competing for high-paying job positions, applicants with a degree related to the field typically encounter the best experiences. For example, graduates of a graphic design school in Minnesota have obtained the training necessary to fulfill the sweeping requests of an employer or client associated with color theory, typography, and aesthetics.

Statistics for Graphic Design Schools in Minnesota The U.S.

Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that Minnesota is one of the top five states across the nation with the highest concentration of jobs and location quotients for graphic design – paying professionals a median salary of $46,830. When seeking a job with the highest employment level in the nation, the Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington, MN-WI region is considered one of the top ten locations in the United States for graphic designers. Professionals employed in this area typically earn a median annual wage of $49,580.

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Obtaining Graphic Design Training

In order to receive the formal training in graphic design that is needed to make a good impression on potential employers, earning a degree in the field is highly suggested. The typical curriculum offered at graphic design schools in Minnesota includes classes on typography, illustration, 2-D and 3-D drawing, and art history. Graduates often go on to fill positions across the state in advertising agencies, publishing companies, newspapers, magazines, and design firms.

Graphic Design Schools in Minnesota

There are plenty of opportunities to earn a Graphic Design Certificate, an associate- or bachelor’s degree at a graphic design school in Minnesota.

Brown College – Brown College offers a Visual Communications program with an emphasis in Graphic Design that offers studies on the campus located in Mendota Heights. Students enrolled in the program will earn a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design that includes core requirements, such as Advanced Web, Print Technology, Art History, Illustration, and Layout.

Christian University of Northwestern – Students attending the Bible-based Christian University of Northwestern in St. Paul may pursue a degree in Design that focuses on either interactive or print design. Just some of the classes found within the program’s curriculum include 19th and 20th Century Art History; Aesthetics; Color Theory; Digital Imaging; Interactive Design; and Typography.

Art Institutes International Minnesota – Located in downtown Minneapolis, the Art Institutes International Minnesota offers a chance for aspiring graphic artists to gain experience and training for a career within the field. The degree options available to students include an Associate of Applied Science or Bachelor of Science in Web Design & Interactive Media, as well as a diploma in Web Design & Interactive Communications.

When looking for a position with an advertising agency or design firm, not every job candidate with a degree received it by attending campus classes. Today, an increasing number of graduates have completed a program entirely offered online. Assignments, exams, and lectures all take place over the Internet, providing both convenience and lower overall costs for students seeking quality graphic design training. To explore available online programs in Minnesota, consider the following list of schools:



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