Graphic Design Schools in Maine

The professionals behind creative ad campaigns and eye-catching logos are usually graphic designers who know how to breathe life into the ideas of clients. In order to reap the best job opportunities pertaining to the field, it is suggested to pursue an education – like earning a degree from a graphic design school in Maine. A concentrated graphic arts curriculum is one of the best ways to gain the training necessary to increase the chances of enjoying success throughout the industry.

Statistics for Graphic Design Schools in Maine

Across the nation, the Bureau of Labor Statistic (BLS) identifies the following industries (with median salaries) as offering the highest level of employment for graphic designers: Specialized Design Services ($51,300), Advertising, Public Relations, and Related Services ($50,590), and Newspaper, Periodical, Book, and Directory Publishers ($43,470). The BLS also reports that graphic designers finding work in Maine stand to earn a median annual salary
of $39,890.

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Obtaining Graphic Design Training

Graphic designers with a degree often possess the skills and experience necessary to qualify for a variety of job positions within the industry. From working at an advertising agency to heading the creative department at a local newspaper, the training received from a graphic design school in Maine prepares graduates to complete a wide range of projects, such as logo design, laying out magazine spreads, editing images for a newspaper, and creating packaging for a new product.

Graphic Design Schools in Maine

Maine College of Art – In Portland, the Maine College of Art prepares students for a career in graphic arts by enhancing their knowledge and skills of subjects, such as typography, web animation, information design, and narrative design. Located in Portland, some of the Intro to Graphic Design courses offered at the school include Letters, Logos and Symbols, and Typography

Southern Maine Community College – With a rich educational history, students attending Southern Maine Community College may earn a A.A.S. in Communications and New Media, or pursue an associate degree in Liberal Studies with a focus in art which generally prepares a student for careers in studio art, illustration, and graphic design. Aspiring graphic artists who attend the University of Maine may pursue an Art Studio degree, which places emphasis on drawing, printmaking, and digital art. Available electives also offer students a chance to learn more about graphic design.

Central Maine Community College – Depending on specific career goals, the Central Maine Community College offers a Graphic Communications program that prepares students for jobs in small printing shops, large printing plants, or in the graphic arts departments of local companies. Earning an associate degree or certificate of completion from the school means completing coursework that includes classes on design and layout, electronic desktop publishing, imaging and camera work, and letterpress operations.

Earning a graphic design degree through campus-based instruction is one of the most common ways to obtain formal training within the field. However, not every student wishes to incorporate the distractions and added costs of receiving their education by attending classes at a college or university. Nowadays, pursuing an online education is becoming an increasingly more attractive option in learning. To explore the available graphic design schools in Maine to consider, browse the list of opportunities below:



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