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The creative mind behind the company stationary, logos, print advertisements, and other promotion materials of local businesses in Indiana usually belongs to a graphic designer, who knows how to organize ideas, color, and text in a way that appeals to the public. Those who earn a degree related to the field, such as attending a graphic design school in Indiana, typically increase their marketability throughout the industry. The training and skills learned through a targeted program often prepare graduates for jobs in ad agencies, public relations, and design firms.

Statistics for Graphic Design Schools in Indiana

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), graphic designers who find work in Indiana typically earn a median yearly salary of $39,370. O*Net OnLine also estimates an average projected growth of between 10% and 19% from 2010 to 2020 for employment opportunities geared towards graphic designers in the United States. During this time period, an estimated 123,800 jobs for graphic designers are projected to emerge.

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Obtaining Graphic Design Training

Attending a graphic design school in Indiana not only helps build a portfolio and experience, but also boosts confidence as a student becomes increasingly familiar with the latest tools and technology. In addition to learning how to use computer design applications, students also become well-versed in art history, color theory, freehand drawing, and photography. By earning a degree, graduates generally encounter an easier time finding work within the industry over an applicant with no formal training.

Graphic Design Schools in Indiana

Indiana Wesleyan University – Art majors at Indiana Wesleyan University may pursue a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design at what is considered one the fastest-growing Christian universities in the United States. A sample of courses that a student may encounter includes Drawing, Digital Imagery Art, Typography, Color Theory, Digital Photography, Computer Illustration, Web Design, and Art History.

Perdue University – Undergraduates at Perdue University can major in Visual Communications Design if they wish to pursue a career in graphic design upon graduation. The school’s College of Liberal Arts provides a curriculum that includes coursework in advertising design, typography and color theory. Unlike other art and design college programs, Perdue’s policy does not require an applicant to furnish an art portfolio in order to start the major. When students approach the spring of their sophomore year, they will need to pass a selective portfolio review in order to advance into upper-level design classes and complete the major.

University of Evansville – The University of Evansville is home to an Art program that focuses on building a foundation for aspiring graphic designers with a curriculum that blends studio- and lecture-based classes. Coursework includes Computer Graphics, Drawing, Basic Photography, Printmaking, and Advanced Imaging and Illustration. Those who complete the program will walk away with a Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication Design.

Art Institute – With numerous learning institutions scattered across the U.S., the Art Institute has a campus location in Indianapolis that offers the chance to earn an Associate of Science in Graphic Design, Bachelor of Science in Graphic & Web Design, or a certificate in Digital Design.

Today, a growing number of students are abandoning the concept of a traditional campus-based curriculum, and are now discovering the benefits of earning a graphic design degree across the Internet. Taking exams, completing assignments, and listening to lectures are now all possible through an online education. Many students enjoy the idea of never having to step foot in a classroom to obtain formal training in the career field of their choice. To learn more about online graphic design programs in Indiana, browse the following lists of schools below:



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