The colorful, dreamy ads for Hawaii to the postcards sent home to relatives are often the handiwork of a graphic designer who edits the images and text to create the complete advertising package. Those who receive formal training in the art of image manipulation, typography, and color theory generally land the most desirable positions within the industry. To obtain a degree, it is the city of Honolulu that offers the most opportunities to attend a graphic design school in Hawaii.

Statistics for Graphic Design Schools in Hawaii

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the industries with the highest levels of employment for graphic designers across the nation offer the following median salaries: Specialized Design Services ($51,300), Newspaper, Periodical, Book, and Directory Publishers ($43,470), and Advertising, Public Relations, and Related Services ($50,590). The BLS reports that graphic designers who find employment in Hawaii stand to make a median yearly salary of $40,210.

Obtaining Graphic Design Training

Attending a graphic design school in Hawaii not only equips a graduate with the training necessary to excel within the field, but also increases the chances of earning higher pay. Earning a degree is one of the best ways to learn the latest design techniques and software applications used across the industry. The typical graphic design curriculum ultimately trains students on how to complete a wide range of creative projects, including billboards, brochures, newspaper layout, and ad work.

Graphic Design Schools in Hawaii

University of Hawaii The University of Hawaii at Manoa offers a Graphic Design program that incorporates concepts related to art history, design theory, and enhancing technical skills. Some classes center on the use of Macintosh  computers, where students learn how to use and understand the hardware and software associated with graphic design production. The curriculum also includes coursework that touches upon typography, visual communication theory, multimedia arts, and web design.
Kapiolani Community College As part of the University of Hawaii system, students attending Kapiolani Community College (KCC) in Honolulu can work towards earning a degree from the school’s New Media Arts program. The curriculum concentrates on enhancing a student’s skills in multimedia design and production. Earning an Associate in Science degree from KCC comes with two specializations: Animation and Interface Design. Those who graduate from the program typically go on to find employment in interactive computer graphics, web design, and animation.
Hawai’i Community College Aspiring graphic designers may pursue an education offered through the Humanities Department of Hawai’i Community College, which has a degree program in Digital Media Arts. This certificate program prepares students for an entry-level career in digital media design and production with courses such as History of Communication Design and Intro to Photography. Completion of the certificate program demonstrates the student’s ability to use today’s design technology to effectively create visual pieces, as well as helps build a digital portfolio.

While most students typically take classes towards a graphic design degree within a classroom setting, this method of learning does not appeal to everyone. Earning training in the graphic arts within the comforts of a student’s own home is becoming an increasingly popular option in learning. An online education offers a wealth of benefits – from cutting school costs to providing a more convenient class schedule. For additional details regarding online graphic design programs in Hawaii, consider the following list of options below: