Graphic Design Schools in Georgia

Finding work in print shops, magazine companies, and advertising firms, it is the responsibility of a graphic designer to arrange the color, text, and other elements of creative projects. In order to qualify for the highest-paying jobs in the industry, applicants who possess a degree in graphic design generally stand the best chance of impressing potential employers. Equipping students with formal training and valuable experience regarding the field, graphic design schools in Georgia offer a range of opportunities for those looking to pursue a concentrated degree program.

Statistics for Graphic Design Schools in Georgia

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Marietta region of Georgia is identified as one of the leading metropolitan areas in the U.S. with the highest employment level for graphic designers. Those who find work in this region stand to earn a median salary of $49,240, while the BLS reports that all other locations in Georgia pay their graphic designers a median yearly wage of $47,130.

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Obtaining Graphic Design Training

One of the best ways to obtain graphic design training that sets a job applicant apart from the rest is to pursue a targeted degree program. Taking classes or earning a concentrated degree prepares a student to enter a competitive field where clients and employers are constantly looking for fresh, capable talent. From learning how to create a business logo to illustrating a playbill, attending a graphic design school in Georgia introduces a student to experiences that go beyond simply learning the latest design applications.

Students typically take classes that incorporate color theory, history of graphic design, typography, digital presentation, advertising and marketing, as well as basic drawing and illustration.

Graphic Design Schools in Georgia

Georgia Southern University – Offered through their College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, Georgia Southern University has a B.F.A program in Graphic Design where students earn their degree by taking classes such as 2-D and 3-D Design, Art History, Photographic Imaging, Design Theories, and Typography.

Albany Technical College – Students attending Albany Technical College may enter the Design Media Production Technology program, which zeroes in on the importance of effectively communicating the ideas and information of employers and clients. The curriculum touches upon the essentials of working within the fields of digital and print media. Students also learn how to produce both hand- and computer-generated commercial art products. Other program options available at the College touch upon specializing in Design & Media Production or Digital Illustration, and becoming a Graphic Design & Prepress Technician.

The Art Institute – The Art Institute has a campus location in Atlanta, Georgia that offers the chance to earn an Associate of Arts in Graphic & Web Design, or Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic & Web Design. Other available related degree programs that provide a more targeted curriculum for aspiring graphic designers include Designing for Tablets: Digital Publishing (Bachelor of Fine Arts) and Illustration (Bachelor of Fine Arts). There is also the opportunity to earn a diploma through the Institute in Advertising Design or Digital Design.

University of Creative Careers – The University of Creative Careers (SCAD) offers a Graphic Design program that touches upon illustration, sequential art, illustration design, printmaking, and advertising. Just some of the courses that students may encounter while earning their degree include Vector and Raster Graphics, Art of Poster Design, Typography, Digital Page and Web Graphics, and Corporate Identity. In addition to e-learning options, there are two campuses located in Georgia – Atlanta and Savannah.

Graphic design classes don’t always take place within a physical classroom, as some students choose to earn their degree within the comforts of their own home. Taking online courses is becoming a more prevalent trend in education, as it provides a more accommodating schedule of learning. Students will also save money by avoiding the costs of room/board and transportation. Aspiring artists looking to earn a graphic design degree in Georgia may browse the following list for available school options:



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