Graphic Design Schools in Florida

From stylizing the brochures for Orlando’s Walt Disney World to laying out high-fashion magazines, it is within a graphic designers’ job description to effectively juggle color, images and text. In order to excel within the competitive field of graphic design, creative minds that pursue a degree at a school in Florida typically increase their chances of attracting the eye of potential employers. Throughout the state, there are plenty of possibilities for aspiring graphic designers to take classes and earn a degree related to the field.

Statistics for Graphic Design Schools in Florida

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) ranks Florida as one of the top five states in the U.S. that offers the highest level of employment for graphic designers. Throughout the state, workers make a median salary of $43,220. The BLS also reports that graphic designers who choose to pursue a career within the following industries typically find a higher level of employment across the nation: Specialized Design Services ($51,300); Advertising, Public Relations, and Related Services ($50,590); and Newspaper, Periodical, Book, and Directory Publishers ($43,470).

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Obtaining Graphic Design Training

One of the best approaches for obtaining the graphic design training necessary to stand out in such a competitive field is to earn an undergraduate or graduate degree. In Florida, schools for aspiring graphic designers teach how to edit images, manipulate color and texture, incorporate text, and use the latest software programs. While attending a degree program in the state, there are also plenty of opportunities to focus on a specialty, such as making the choice to concentrate on print or electronic work.

Graphic Design Schools in Florida

University of Florida – The University of Florida is home to a highly selective graphic design program that limits the number of students who may take advantage of the school’s high-tech surroundings and curriculum. Undergraduates are introduced to coursework that touches upon print and advertising, interactive design, as well as web design and multimedia. Some students opt to pursue their master’s degree at the University, which culminates in the receipt of a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree. The 60 credit-hour program of graduate study generally takes three years to complete.

Flagler College – Located in St. Augustine, Flagler College offers students a chance to major or minor in graphic design – as they take courses that involve both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional aspects of the field. In between lab assignments and studio projects, students work towards completing their prerequisites and electives towards earning a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design.

International Academy of Design and Technology – The International Academy of Design and Technology has campus locations in both Orlando and Tampa, where students can earn an associate or bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. With campus locations in Jacksonville, Miami and Tampa, the Art Institute also offers a variety of degree programs for Graphic Design, including an AS, BFA, BS, and MFA.

Also, numerous aspiring graphic designers are taking advantage of the benefits that come with taking classes across the Internet. The ability to use the World Wide Web as a way to listen to lectures, complete assignments, and take exams are just some of the perks associated with pursuing an online education. To take advantage of available graphic design schools in Florida that offer associate and bachelor’s degree programs, consider the following list of options:



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