Graphic Design Schools in Arkansas

Graphic designers in Arkansas assume many of the creative responsibilities found across a wide range of industries. From sketching eye-catching packaging for new products to designing the book cover of the next bestseller, the field is full of opportunities that incorporate technical skill with a creative mind. Those with an interest in pursuing a career in design will increase their chances within the workforce by graduating from a graphic design school in Arkansas.

Statistics for Graphic Design Schools in Arkansas

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), graphic designers looking for the  highest level of employment across the nation typically find the best options in the following industries: specialized design services ($51,300), newspaper, periodical and book publishers ($43,470), and advertising/public relation services ($50,590). The BLS states that graphic designers finding work in Arkansas stand to
make a median salary of $36,360.

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Obtaining Graphic Design Training

To obtain the proper graphic design training in Arkansas that today’s employers and clients are constantly seeking, aspiring artists should consider the value of taking classes at an accredited college or university. A job applicant that completes a program related to art and graphic design generally becomes more familiar with the latest techniques and software applications used across the industry. By pursuing a degree in graphic design, the chances of landing the highest-paying jobs and enjoying promotions in the field typically increase.

Graphic Design Schools in Arkansas

Schools in Arkansas generally allow students to earn an associate degree or bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design.

University of Arkansas – At the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith (UAFS), students train to sharpen their creative and problem-solving skills regarding the variety of design challenges they may come in contact with. Graduates of the Graphic Design program work towards building a portfolio of their work, and often find jobs with advertising agencies, TV stations, design studios, and corporate firms.

John Brown University – In Siloam Springs, John Brown University is a private, Catholic university that offers a Graphic & Web Design program that teaches students how to create and present logos, brochures, posters, advertisements, flash animations, and websites. Additional experience includes building a portfolio and completing internships. A sampling of courses offered at the school includes Computer Graphics, Art History, Typography, and Intro to Printmaking.

Harding University – The Art & Design Department at Harding University in Searcy offers a degree program for aspiring graphic designers. Some of the courses that students take at the University include 2D Design, Color Theory, Typography, Illustration, and the History of Graphic Design. Students are also exposed to a range of class choices taken through the Department of Communication and College of Business. Graphic design majors are also encouraged to participate in campus-wide organizations, such as the student-run graphic design firm called Red Brick Studios.

Not all graphic designers receive their education by attending classes on a campus, and many students are increasingly discovering the benefits of getting an online education. Online graphic design training touches upon the same type of curriculum, but typically amounts to lower overall school costs and a more accommodating class schedule. To learn about available options for graphic design schools in Arkansas, consider the following list of possibilities:



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