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From the placement of newspaper headlines to grocery store weekly ads, graphic designers are in charge of making sure creative concepts and messages are effectively conveyed to the public. It is their attention to detail and visual aesthetic that encourage people to read the front page or notice a supermarket’s sale. In regards to the field, graduates of graphic design schools in Arizona generally face a better chance of being hired for the highest-paying jobs within the industry.

Statistics for Graphic Design Schools in Arizona

In comparison to the highest-paying location in the United States for graphic designers (District of Columbia; $67,500), the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that Arizona pays a median annual salary of $43,310. According to the BLS, graphic designers seeking the most job opportunities for the field should find the highest concentration of employment within the Specialized Design Services industry, which pays a median salary of $51,300 across the nation.

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Obtaining Graphic Design Training

In order to learn the computer and creative skills needed to excel in a graphic design career; aspiring artists should obtain proper training in the field to qualify for the best job opportunities. Attending a graphic design school in Arizona equips students with the knowledge and experience for creating computer-assisted graphics and hand-drawn work for a variety of clients. Just some of the applications that a student may encounter include Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

Graphic Design Schools in Arizona

Arizona State University – Arizona State University, located in Tucson, offers a degree program for visual communication (graphic) design through its Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts. Students who complete the program will earn a Bachelor of Science in Design in Graphic (Visual Communication) Design by taking classes that touch upon physical work (such as books, brochures, and packaging) and digital media (including websites, CD-ROMs, video games, and animation/film).

Southwest University of Visual Arts – Tucson is also home to the Southwest University of Visual Arts, which offers a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design. In addition to learning how to better communicate creative concepts, students also work on projects that involve the creation of logos, posters, brochures, ads, packaging, and websites.

The Art Institute – The Art Institute offers campus instruction in Tucson and Phoenix for those looking to earn an undergraduate degree in Graphic & Web Design or Associate of Applied Science in Graphic Design. Students may also pursue a bachelor’s degree in Media Arts & Animation or a diploma in Digital Image Management or Web Design & Development through the Institute.

DeVry University – DeVry University offers campus locations in Arizona for earning a graphic design degree in the following cities: Mesa, Glendale, and Phoenix. Students may choose to pursue an associate degree in Web Graphic Design, or a bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Design and Development; Graphic and Multimedia Design; or Graphics and Multimedia Management.

However, not every student wishes to study on a campus, and they must find another alternative. An online education not only caters to a student who prefers not to learn within a classroom setting, but also helps save money. With distance learning, there are no commuting costs, room/board worries, or extra fees often associated with taking classes on a campus. To explore the graphic design programs in Arizona that offer online learning options, consider the following list of possibilities:



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