Graphic Design Schools in Alabama

Once an idea leaves a marketer’s mind, it is usually up to a graphic designer to present the concept using the most effective creative approaches. The color, typography, photo placement, and even the size of an advertisement all plays an important role in the design world. Earning a degree in design is one of the best ways to learn about graphic arts, sharpen creative skills, and gain experience. Those who have received formal training, such as attending a graphic design school in Alabama, generally stand the best chance of excelling within the field.

Statistics for Graphic Design Schools in Alabama

O*Net OnLine reports an average projected growth for graphic design jobs across the nation with an estimated 123,800 jobs expected to surface from 2010 to 2020. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), those who find employment in Alabama stand to earn a median salary of $41,390. The BLS also identifies the Specialized Design Services industry as providing the highest levels of employment in the United States – paying a median yearly salary of $51,300.

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Obtaining Graphic Design Training

Graphic design training can prepare a student to enter a career field related to computer and online graphics. One of the best ways to learn the basic skills of common software programs is to attend a school that offers graphic design as an undergraduate or graduate major. In Alabama, students may choose to study the fundamentals of the field or concentrate on a specialty, such as focusing solely on print or electronic design. In addition to intro courses, students are often exposed to enriching internships and capstone projects to further his or her experience.

Top Graphic Design Schools in Alabama

Samford University – The School of the Arts at Samford University allows students to earn a BFA in Graphic Design, which boasts nearly 100 percent job placement within 12 months of graduating from the graphic design program. Typical courses included in the BFA program are Advertising, Motion Graphics, Publication Design, Web Design, and Typography. Just some of the places that graduates of the program have found work include Mental Floss Magazine and Luckie Advertising.

Springhill College – Springhill College in Mobile, Alabama offers a Graphic Design major that blends art history with sharpening the ability to communicate to the public using color, images, and text. In addition to studying the basic concepts of 2-D and 3-D design (in both drawing and computer formats), graduates walk away with experience working with the latest software applications for graphic arts.

Bishop State Community College – Another opportunity to earn a degree related to graphic design in Alabama is to enter the Graphic Communications Technology program at Bishop State Community College – a school located in Mobile.


However, campus-based learning is not the only way to earn a graphic design degree. Pursuing an online education helps aspiring graphic designers navigate a more flexible schedule for taking classes, as well as allows a student to save money. Following an e-curriculum eliminates the need to pay for room/board, activity fees, and other costs associated with campus learning. There are plenty of opportunities to pursue graphic design training in Alabama –start by viewing the following list of available schools above.

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