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What Is Interior Design?

The main purpose of interior design is to create a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing interior space.

Contrary to popular belief, interior design is more than just decorating, although that is a part of it. In fact, designing the interior of a building begins well before it is even built.

What Does an Interior Designer Do?

An interior designer is a type of designer that helps plan and decorate interior spaces in either commercial or residential spaces. As with many other professions, an interior designer will often specialize in a certain area of interior design.

Some designers, for instance will work closely with architects during the initial planning stages of a building. These designers will help architect create a comfortable and functional living space. For instance, they may assist with floor plans and window placement.

Other interior designers prefer to work only on already completed buildings. These types of designers typically decorate and upgrade interior rooms. Some interior designers specialize in certain rooms, like bathrooms and kitchens, while others may specialize in a certain type of design, like feng shui design or eco-friendly design.

To be successful, an interior designer must have excellent people and communication skills. Many times, clients who hire interior designers have certain ideas of how they want their space to look, and an interior designer must be able to accomidate them. Since most clients also have strict budgets, an interior designer must also be able to manage money very well.

What Does An Interior Designer Make?

An average salary for an interior designer is usually between $40,000 and $50,000 per year. Interior designer salaries can vary quite a bit, however, depending on a number of factors. Generally, designers in large cities will make more than those in less populated areas.

Extremely talented or very experienced interior designers can sometimes make up to $80,000 each year. Less experienced designers, on the other hand, will often have lower salaries, around $25,000 or $30,000 annually.

What Are the Education Requirements For a Career In Interior Design?

If you’re looking to have a successful interior design career, you will most likely need to have a minimum of two years of schooling under your belt. Most art and design schools offer certification or degree programs in interior design, as do some traditional universities and colleges.

Interior design courses may include drawing, CAD, furniture design, and architecture. Students will also usually need to take classes that focus on different color schemes and fabric textures.

After graduating, an interior design apprenticeship is usually necessary. These apprenticeships allow young interior designers to work alongside more experienced professionals, which gives them hands on experience that better prepares them for their future career.

Does an Interior Designer Need to be Certified or Licensed?

Depending on the area, interior designers may need to be certified. Many states in the US, for example, require interior designers to become certified, or licensed.

To become a licensed interior designer, a person must first pass a difficult test, which is given by the National Council for Interior Design.

Where Does an Interior Designer Work?

When they are just starting their careers, many interior designers choose to work with large interior design companies. As they gain more experience, however, some will go on to open their own businesses.

Interior designers may also work with architecture firms, manufacturers, and real estate companies.

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