Database of Accredited Video Game Design Schools

Today’s video games have come a long way since the early days of Space Invaders and Pong. Advancements in design technology over the past few decades has facilitated exponential growth within the industry and brought an experience to the consumer that could hardly be imagined in the days of one-dimensional gaming. In many ways, video game enthusiasts are in a saturated market where technology is now, more than ever, allowing artists to produce games that push the limits of the creative mind. The introduction of mobile devices and consoles, along with improvements in the quality of visual display, have also fueled explosive growth and consumption across the world.

Because of competition and growth within the video game industry, consumers expect innovation from the games they play. Not surprisingly, the video games produced today are more dynamic and feature more robust design than ever before. As a result, rising video game designers must not only harness their creative ability, but also master the increasingly demanding technical requirements of game design. Art and Design schools are the most common avenue for people in pursuit of this career.

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