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What is Furniture Design?

Furniture design is a specialized field where function and fashion collide.

Many interior designers believe that furniture is one of the most important aspects of an interior space. Pieces of furniture not only add function and practicality to a space, but they also add style and personality.

Furniture has evolved and changed with the times, and some styles have remained somewhat constant throughout the years, while others have drastically changed or become obsolete. Today, creating new furniture styles is often seen as a type of industrial art form.

What Does a Furniture Designer Do?

A furniture designer is a professional that designs and creates different types of furniture. Each piece of furniture that a furniture designer creates must serve a few different purposes. First of all, it must be functional. It must also be practical, comfortable, and attractive.

Every new furniture design starts with a basic concept, or idea. A furniture designer then creates a drawing of this idea using traditional and modern methods. They will often sketch their designs on paper first, for instance. Computer software can then be used to create a more intricate and detailed design.

The computer created design will often include all different aspects of a furniture design, including how the piece is put together and what materials are used to make it. Most furniture is made from a combination of wood and metal. Some furniture, such as couches and chairs, will also usually be covered with material, which should be soft and comfortable as well as attractive.

Once a furniture designer finishes a design, he will then usually create an original prototype of the piece.

Some furniture designers simply create furniture designs that are meant to be mass produced by large furniture manufacturers. Other furniture designers will work closely with individuals to create custom pieces of furniture.

What is the Average Salary of a Furniture Designer?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not offer any data specifically regarding furniture designers. The field of furniture design, however, is a specialized area of product or industrial design.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, commercial and industrial design professionals make an average yearly salary of around $57,350.

What are the Education Requirements for a Career in Furniture Design?

To get started with a career in furniture design, most individuals will need to earn a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in furniture design. These degrees may be offered at art and design schools as well as some traditional colleges and universities.

In order to earn a degree in furniture design, students will usually need to take drawing and CAD classes, along with woodworking and model making classes. Students will also usually need to take classes about the history of furniture, furniture trends, interior decorating, and the different materials used to make furniture. In order to earn their degrees, students will also usually be required to design and create some original pieces of furniture. Attend a furniture design school today.

What can I do With a Degree in Furniture Design?

Professionals with furniture design degrees can often secure employment in furniture design firms. These types of furniture design careers usually involve creating traditional furniture designs for mass production.

Some interior designers or design firms will also confer with furniture designers in order to develop custom pieces of furniture to enhance the function and aesthetic qualities of an interior space.

Furniture designers might also prefer to work in a freelance capacity. These designers usually have more creative freedom when designing furniture. Many of these types of furniture designers will work closely with clients in order to create custom one of a kind pieces of furniture for personal or commercial use.

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