We’ve covered multiple different ways to use Kickstarter to kick start your art career. See our September 2013 Kickstarter Projects here. This month we continue to keep a keen eye out for unique and inspiring artist projects. Please note the projects addressed below are listed in no particular order; TheArtCareerProject.com is not ranking these based on any bias or paid advertisement.

1. The Finn Hem Trouser and Cochise Hoodie

Clothing designers always hold a soft spot in our hearts because we understand just how flooded the clothing market is, especially for folks trying to start from the ground up. We have a lot of respect for those that understand the market is flooded and still want to share their designs and clothing with everyone. With that in mind, we aren’t just throwing Finn Apparel a sympathy bone, these guys are designing comfortable and stylish clothes that offer vibrant colors and tons of personality. They have combined in-depth brand research with their vision of what sophisticated and stylish men’s clothing looks like.

The results are a pair of colorful trousers that is rich in detail, comes in four colors, and carries subtle but unique characteristics that likely need to be appreciated fully in person and a trendy hoodie. that is both light enough to be worn in warmer weather and warm enough to wear during the winter. The piece is for both men and women and is almost as colorful as the trousers. The guys aren’t done yet either as those who like to accessorize will appreciate the corduroy hat and beanie that will also be available.

As with any startup clothing shop, the costs of production and distribution can be a heavy burden to bear for those without huge resources backing them. This is why Finn Apparel has turned to Kickstarter to help shoulder some of the financial load, and while we won’t tell you how to spend your money, the shop plans to keep prices low on their clothing, proving that money is only secondary to their vision.


Twitter: @finnapparel

Facebook: www.facebook.com/finnapparel

2. Studio O: Oceanside Museum of Art’s Community Art Classroom

Carving out a career as an artist takes a lot of courage and determination, but dedicating resources and hours of work to helping educate others about art can be even more courageous. This is why we felt it was important to shine the spotlight on the Oceanside Museum of Art and its new onsite education classroom, Studio O. The non-profit museum in San Diego wants everyone from toddlers to seniors to learn about art and art history and now they want to devote a whole portion of their facility to that goal.

As art education slowly disappears from public schools, the museum isn’t about to sit on its hands and do nothing, which is why the studio will help students learn, create, and explore their artistic abilities and experience the importance of art education firsthand. The classroom will be full of multimedia and the space will only help the museum broaden and expand the types of classes and workshops that it can offer. The museum plans to not just expand existing programs, but also add programs and then use the state-of-the-art studio to educate students of all ages and interests.

Of course finding the funding for student galleries, furniture, supplies, libraries, and all of the technology tools to make the studio as interactive as possible is not easy, especially for a non-profit that already relies on donations and grant-funding to stay afloat. This museum isn’t just interested in taking your money to improve its product, it also wants to use that money to give back to the community, which is something we can absolutely get behind.


Twitter: @oceansidemuseum

Facebook: www.facebook.com/oma.org

 3. The Bill Folder 

Kickstarter is usually chock-full of elaborate designs that are on the cutting edge of innovation, but some times it can be nice to appreciate the simple and handy for it is — simple…and handy. The design duo of David Enrico and Will Hodges have created The Billfolder, a uber-thin one-piece leather wallet that is sturdy, easy-to-carry, and logical.

The wallet holds your ID by opposite corners so you won’t have trouble holding on to it, and there is plenty of space for more cards and cash behind the primary pockets. The guys didn’t skimp when it came to craftsmanship either. They found high-quality leather that is trendy, lightweight, and durable. The Billfolder eschews the idea that wallets need to have lots of different bells and whistles to properly hold all of your credit and business cards and cash and instead creates a simple wallet that does the same job.

The guys are looking for funding so that they can put their order in with the tannery which will then select the leather, split it to the measurements specified by the designers and then put on the finish so it feels sleek and smooth. The guys have gotten all their ducks in a row before they started the campaign (always a good sign for those concerned with organization and accountability) and according to them, everything is ready to go and everyone involved is ready to start the creative process, now it’s just up to the generous public.

Bill Folder

Twitter: @thebillfolder

Facebook: www.facebook.com/thebillfolder

4.  ReWild: Watchdogging California’s Wildlife Agencies

There are those who think the best way to raise awareness about the treatment of wildlife and animals in particular is to throw paint on celebrities who wear fur. Then there are the measured folks who think a better way to raise awareness about wildlife issues is to write about them in detail. We prefer the latter strategy for raising awareness and that is exactly what KCET, a independent television station in California, is trying to do on its website with its new blog, ReWild.

The blog will be covering the people working to restore California’s wildlife habitat and will also be calling out those who are falling short and deserve to be held accountable. Its California Widlife Guide will include a database of endangered wildlife species in California as well as handy primers on the laws, agencies, and organizations aiding in the fight on key issues. They want the guide to be free, but they need donations in order to make that possible.

Collecting all of the wildlife information will take a lot of time and resources and considering how complex the issues can be, the project will really be never-ending. You don’t have to feel passionately about California’s wildlife to understand the importance of having an organization dedicated to covering it, so whether you are curious about California’s wildlife policy or just appreciate high-quality journalism in action, don’t be scared to help the blog get off the ground.


Twitter: @KCET

Facebook: www.facebook.com/KCET28

5. Star Trek Continues Webseries

Oh man make fun all you want, but there might not be a more awesome project on Kickstarter right now. If you haven’t heard of or seen an episode of Star Trek, you must not have been born or you must have been living under a rock, because the incredibly popular TV show built a rabid cult following and now there is a non-profit group making sure the show lives on with original content.

Star Trek Continues is a fan-based web series with a five-year mission to create three original Star Trek episodes for fans to enjoy. The first episode went live in May 2013 and just watching it proves that Star Trek Continues isn’t a group of hacks making low-quality episodes, they are a group of dedicated and experience actors and behind-the-scenes folks who are dedicated to making the episodes as high-quality, detailed, and realistic as possible (the first episode is full 51 minutes long). The group’s goal of 100k is a lofty one, but it isn’t going to waste.

The money will pay for the development, filming, and post-production of these episodes, which includes everything from set construction and building rental to costume production and travel and lodging for the cast and the crew. Still doubting the project? The first episode garnered more than 250,000 views across Vimeo and Youtube and the episodes take more than a week to shoot.  The actors aren’t just Star Trek fans, they are Star Trek fans who also just so happen to be accomplished television and film actors who bring an air of authenticity and prestige to the project.

It makes perfect sense why Star Trek aficionados would be eager to support the project, but we are fans of folks who are willing to help others live out their dreams, no matter the cost, and that is exactly what this project is all about.


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