List of Accredited Fine Arts Schools & Colleges

Unlike applied arts such as graphic design and industrial design, fine art is usually created for its aesthetic value. The general definition has meant plenty of discussion over which art forms qualify as fine art. Most agreed that the major fine arts were paintings, sculptures, architecture, music and poetry. But as technology has advanced new art forms created for their aesthetic value have emerged such as photography, film-making and even printmaking. While there are specific career tracks within art forms like photography, architecture and film-making, most artistic professions require some sort of formal education or background in fine arts.
In fact, choosing to study the broader subject of fine arts will open plenty of doors in the art world while also allowing the graduates a more diverse set of career options to choose from. The world of fine arts is more competitive than some realize and finding a successful career in the art world takes more than just creative skill. Degree programs in fine arts offer the creative aspect that appeals to artists and it also offers more formal education in art history, art techniques, and art production. Art and Design schools are a student’s best bet for finding the right degree program to start this career.