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Fashion Merchandising Schools in South Carolina

Home to a multitude of trendy to upscale boutiques, South Carolina not only offers plenty of places for fashion merchandising graduates to flex their skills, but the state also provides a number of degree programs for those looking to obtain a solid education related to the field. Preparing students to pursue careers in the fashion industry, South Carolina sees the majority of graduates earning a bachelor’s degree in fashion merchandising – studying in cities such as Charleston, Greenville, and Columbia.

Statistics for Fashion Merchandising Schools in South Carolina

After finishing a fashion merchandising degree program in South Carolina, many graduates seek employment in cities known for cultivating fashion careers, like Charleston, which is known for hosting one of the most competitive Fashion Weeks in the country. The Charleston Fashion Week is a magnet for designers who travel from all over the eastern coast to display their talents in the Emerging Designer Competition: East (EDCE). Other fashion-forward cities in South Carolina that tend to attract graduates are Columbia, Rock Hill, Mount Pleasant, Myrtle Beach, Summerville, Sumter, Florence, Spartanburg, and Greenville. Throughout the state, fashion merchandising professionals stand to earn an average annual salary of $35,000.

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Obtaining Fashion Merchandising Training

The best way for people to break into the clothing and accessory industry is to pursue a degree at one of the fashion merchandising schools in South Carolina. Students not only learn about business practices and economics related to fashion, but they also develop skills in the buying, selling, and promotion of products. The majority of programs offered in South Carolina place an emphasis on combining the creative and technical side of the fashion industry.

Fashion Merchandising Schools in South Carolina

When hiring a fashion merchandiser, a company or business will expect applicants to demonstrate a certain level of skill and experience related to the field. One of the greatest ways to impress a potential employer is to earn a degree in fashion merchandising. South Carolina schools that offer programs that prepare students for a career in fashion include the following:

Bob Jones University – Students may earn a Bachelor of Science in Apparel, Textiles and Design at Bob Jones University – a school located in Greenville that offers courses in fashion retail, garment design and construction, home- based business, and community service. Student learn how to apply retail and merchandising principles to the business aspect of fashion. Seniors also complete an internship that provides valuable experience within a workplace setting.

University of South Carolina – The Retailing program at the University of South Carolina in Columbia is considered a unique opportunity to explore the world of retail, and is the only department of its kind. The curriculum is viewed as a more gender-balanced approach towards offering fashion programs to students. In between internships and study abroad opportunities, students may choose between a concentration in Retail Management or Fashion Merchandising.

The Art Institute – The Art Institute has a campus in Charleston , South Carolina that offers a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion & Retail Management, which touches upon basic retail math, event planning, and core concepts related to fashion. Graduates often go on to fill entry-level positions in event production, promotions, and retail management. Students may take courses such as Brand Management, Event Planning & Buying, and Organizational Behavior.

Not all studies geared towards a career in the fashion industry have to take place within a campus setting. Students will encounter a great deal of opportunities to earn a fashion merchandising degree through an online learning institution. To learn more information in regards to online fashion programs in South Carolina, consider the available options in the following list:



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