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As consumers browse the creative store displays of retail districts in Manchester, the largest city in New Hampshire, it is the fashion merchandising professionals’ job to come up with inventive ways to market the latest clothing trends. Learning the best ways to buy, sell, and promote fashion, many choose to earn a fashion-related degree. In New Hampshire, there is one accredited school for fashion merchandising in the state that equips the next generation of retail employees with a targeted curriculum.

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Statistics for Fashion Merchandising Schools in New Hampshire

In addition to finding work in the highly populated city of Manchester, fashion merchandising professionals often seek employment in New Hampshire throughout Dover, Rochester, and Concord, which is the capital of the state. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, fashion merchandisers working the textiles and apparel scene of New Hampshire stand to earn the most in the Rochester-Dover, NH-ME region – as one of the top ten metropolitan areas with the highest concentration of jobs related to
this occupation – earning a median salary around $25,770 for entry-level positions.

Obtaining Fashion Merchandising Training

When professionals obtain training in fashion merchandising through a college or university, they encounter a curriculum that allows graduates to fill entry-level positions, and enhance their careers as assistant buyers, visual merchandisers, and sales representatives. Some of the courses that help build the skills necessary to succeed in today’s fashion industry involve retail management, clothing promotion, fashion trends, and fashion forecasting.

Fashion Merchandising Schools in New Hampshire

Students that attend the Southern New Hampshire University may choose the two-year program in fashion merchandising that ends with an associate degree in the field. Courses to expect incorporate color theory, textiles, retailing, and marketing. The program also stresses subjects that take a student’s perspective beyond local and national markets, and touches upon global sourcing and international distribution. It is also not uncommon for students in the program to combine core courses with classes related to other majors, such as marketing or communications, as a way to strengthen their experience.

Southern New Hampshire University also offers a BS in Retailing, where students may specialize in one of four disciplines: retail promotion, small business, retail operations or fashion merchandising. Students who have already earned an associate in fashion merchandising can easily transfer into the school’s bachelor’s degree program in retailing.

Some students in New Hampshire opt to take online instruction in fashion marketing from the Art Institutes, which offers courses in the basics of marketing, retailing, and business.

Not only do taking online classes provide a more flexible schedule of learning, but students may also juggle other responsibilities, such as taking care of kids or working a day job. There is plenty of fashion merchandising training opportunities in New Hampshire to consider for attending a school that ends with an associate or bachelor’s degree in the field. Explore the following options to learn more information: