Fashion Merchandising Schools in Michigan

Michigan is home to one of the top ten largest cities in the U.S., where fashion merchandisers find plenty of jobs in bustling shopping districts throughout the state. The schools in Michigan that offer a fashion degree program allow students to earn a bachelor’s, master’s, and even a doctorate in the field. Merchandisers who have gained an education with a targeted curriculum learn some of the best practices on how to buy, sell and market the latest clothing trends within the industry.

Statistics for Fashion Merchandising Schools in Michigan

The majority of fashion merchandising professionals in Michigan tends to find employment in larger, more populated cities, such as Detroit, Lansing, and Grand Rapids. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Michigan is one of the top five highest paying states for textile, apparel and furnishings workers with an annual median wage of $42,130.

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Obtaining Fashion Merchandising Training

In order to land the highest-paying jobs in product development, production, marketing, and retail sales in Michigan, obtaining training at a fashion merchandising school is highly recommended. Typical coursework includes classes such as Merchandise Planning and Control, Fashion Manufacturing Techniques, Textiles for Merchandising, and Visual Merchandising – all of which are offered at Eastern Michigan University.

Fashion Merchandising Schools in Michigan

Michigan is home to three highly rated universities for fashion majors that offer studies focused on the merchandising and business aspect of the field. The leading fashion degree programs in the state include:

Eastern Michigan University – Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti offers one of the most competitive fashion programs in the region through the school’s College of Technology. Students may earn B.S. and M.S. degreesin Apparel, Textiles and Merchandising, and a PhD concentration in Textiles. To increase experience and knowledge within the industry, the school offers internships with major retailers and brands, as well as study abroad programs in locales such as France, Spain, and Japan.

Central Michigan University – Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant is one of the largest public universities in the country, and the school’s College of Education and Human Services attracts plenty of students who come to earn a BA, BAA, or BS degree in Apparel Merchandising and Design, or a Master of Science Degree in Apparel Product Development and Merchandising Technology. Students also have the chance to travel to places, such as London, Paris, and Hong Kong, in order to further their education.

Western Michigan University – Western Michigan University located in downtown Kalamazoo, has earned a reputation as one of the best universities in the country – listed in the top 100 public universities in the United States by the U.S. News & World Report. Students attending the Textiles and Apparel Studies program can earn a BS degree in Textile and Apparel Studies while placing an emphasis in Merchandising, Fashion Design, or Product Development. Students often complete an internship consisting of 300 hours of supervised field experience in apparel design or with marketing firms. Some opt to study abroad in London, Germany, Mexico, and China.

Offering a more flexible learning schedule and the convenience of never having to set foot in a classroom, there are plenty of opportunities to earn a fashion merchandising degree in Michigan by taking online classes. To explore available schools offered in the state, consider the following options:



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