Fashion Merchandising Schools in Hawaii

With a thriving tourist population, Hawaii is a state that offers a wide range of retail possibilities for a fashion merchandiser looking to buy, sell and market the latest clothing and accessories across the vast chain of Hawaiian Islands. Those who pursue a concentrated fashion-related degree tend to find the most promising job opportunities and higher-paying positions. Aspiring fashion merchandisers who wish to study and work in the field often relocate to Honolulu to take advantage of the island’s commercial scene.

Statistics for Fashion Merchandising Schools in Hawaii

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the metropolitan region that offers the highest pay for fashion merchandisers pursuing a career in textiles and apparel is Honolulu, HI. The BLS also identifies the city as paying a median yearly salary of $52,940 to the employees who choose this location as their place of employment.

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Obtaining Fashion Merchandising Training

Fashion merchandising professionals who have obtained targeted training in the field stand the best chance of earning a higher salary and/or bypassing an entry-level position for a job that presents more responsibility. This is because many employers seek out applicants that possess the appropriate skills, knowledge and experience for working in the ever-changing fashion industry. When attending a fashion merchandising degree program, students not only learn from a targeted curriculum, but also have an opportunity to expand their experience through community internships.

Fashion Merchandising Schools in Hawaii

Aspiring fashion merchandisers looking to earn a degree in Hawaii will find the most opportunities to study a concentrated curriculum in Honolulu.

University of Hawaii – University of Hawaii at Manoa offers an Apparel program through the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences at the school’s College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources.
Students pursuing a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Apparel Product Design and Merchandising (APDM) at the University will study retail buying, merchandise management, and fashion trend analysis. Juniors and seniors also enter a community internship with a focus on fashion merchandising or fashion design.

Honolulu Community College (HCC) – Honolulu Community College (HCC) has a Technology program known as the only community college program of its kind offered in Oahu. Highlights of the school include the only fully-equipped computerized classroom reserved for pattern-making, grading, and marker making in all of Hawaii, as well as an annual fashion show that allows students to mingle with industry professionals and the media. There’s even an elective for fashion show production that enhances a student’s experience in the field.
HCC teaches students how to professionally present garments in an effort to ‘sell’ designs, and how to navigate the manufacturing process of the fashion industry. Depending on the student’s education path, the program culminates with the receipt of a Certificate of Completion (CC), Certificate of Achievement (CA), or Associate in Applied Science (AAS).

Not all students look forward to obtaining their fashion merchandising degree within a classroom setting, and prefer to complete a curriculum based upon online coursework. Providing a more flexible approach to earning a degree, residents in Hawaii can choose from a wide range of online schools offering fashion merchandising programs for associate- and bachelor-level studies. To explore available options, consider the following list of schools:



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