Fashion Merchandising Schools in Delaware

It seems that everywhere you turn in Delaware; there is a mall, specialty shop, boutique, department store, or other retail venue showcasing the latest in clothing and accessories. One of the biggest selling points for shopping in Delaware is the fact that the state offers tax-free shopping, so retail outlets are always on the lookout for fashion merchandisers who can keep up with the changing trends and out-of-state visitors who come from all over to save money.

Statistics for Fashion Merchandising Schools in Delaware

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Delaware is one of the top five highest-paying states in the U.S. for purchasing manager positions with employees earning a median salary of $118,890. Department stores are identified as one of the highest paying industries for purchasing managers , and for providing the highest concentration of employment for sales positions in the United States. The BLS suggests that fashion merchandisers in Delaware entering these fields, stand to earn a median salary of $117,870 and $162,060, respectively.

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Obtaining Fashion Merchandising Training

Obtaining formal fashion merchandise training from an accredited school increases the chance of a job applicant landing higher-paying positions as a promotions/public relations specialist, import consultant, or brand merchandise manager. The skills, knowledge and experience that come from completing a concentrated curriculum in fashion merchandising in Delaware are often attractive qualities in a job candidate. Companies tend to seek out employees who are already familiar with fashion forecasting, trend analysis, and have business courses under their belt.

Fashion Merchandising Schools in Delaware

One of the primary higher learning institutions that cater to aspiring fashion merchandisers in Delaware is the University of Delaware (UD), which is located in the city of Newark. As one of the highest rated schools for the field, the University offers an AAS in Fashion Merchandise Management and a BS in Fashion Merchandising through its Department of Fashion & Apparel Studies. A perk to attending UD is that Fashion Merchandising majors may opt to take on the 4+1 Program, which allows undergraduate Fashion Merchandising students to cut completion time for the master’s degree program for Fashion and Apparel Studies in half.

The school also offers Online Awards of Completion (OAC) in Fashion Merchandising and Fashion Design for the student that doesn’t have an interest in campus-based studies. Sometimes, the traditional approach to earning a college degree does not fit the lifestyle or budget of a student interested in becoming a fashion merchandising major. Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities to take online classes to obtain an associate or bachelor’s degree in fashion merchandising. To explore available online programs for Delaware, consider the list of schools below:



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