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What is Fashion Consulting?

There’s no getting around the fact that first impressions truly are the most important. Although it may not be fair to “judge a book by its cover”, people still do. It happens all the time.

For example, let’s imagine that you are presented with two people, and you have only a moment to choose one as your life partner. Would you choose the one with mismatched, tattered clothes and disheveled hair? Or would you choose the one with the attractive, pressed clothes and the carefully styled hair?

Chances are you’re like the majority of the human race, and you’d choose the second one, simply based on looks. Unfortunately, many people make instant decisions based on a person’s appearance every day, both in business and personal situations. Because the “right look” is extremely important in many situations, there is a constant need for fashion consulting.

Fashion consulting is a type of image consulting, but it focuses more on a person’s looks than actions. Professionals in this industry will typically help their clients choose items like clothing, accessories, and makeup in order to change how other people view them.

Individuals who are constantly in the spotlight will often hire fashion consultants. This includes movie stars, fashion models, professional sports stars, and even politicians. So-called regular folks, however, can also benefit from fashion consulting, especially if they are trying to climb the corporate ladder.

What Does a Fashion Consultant Do?

A fashion consultant’s main job is to help her clients maintain an attractive and positive image. In order to do this, a fashion consultant must first meet with her clients. Doing so enables the fashion consultant to determine where her clients need help the most. These meetings also enable a fashion consultant to better understand her clients’ wants, needs, and personal styles. In many cases, a fashion consultant will also go through her clients’ wardrobes with them, discarding unsuitable pieces and keeping pieces that are still good.

One of a fashion consultant’s main jobs is helping her clients determine what types of styles are suitable and what types aren’t. This is usually based on the look that a client wants to portray, and it will usually be somewhat different for everyone. For example, a businessman will usually benefit from clothes that are classic and professional looking, while a rock star will usually want clothes that are trendier and flashier.

A fashion consultant will also usually help each individual client choose clothing that works best for their skin tone and body shape. When choosing clothing, these professionals will usually look for pieces that accentuate a client’s positive features, while drawing attention away from their less attractive features.

To acquire pieces for a new wardrobe, a fashion consultant will usually join her clients on a shopping spree. The fashion consultant can then take this opportunity to point out types, styles, and colors of clothes and accessories that will work for her client and which ones won’t.

Ultimately, a fashion consultant should be able to teach her clients to choose the best types of clothes on their own. With the guidance of a competent fashion consultant most clients will find that they will be able to choose flattering garments that are stylish, yet still portray their chosen image.

 Where Does a Fashion Consultant Work?

There are a number of different types of businesses that might hire fashion consultants. Some retail stores, for example, hire fashion consultants to assist customers in choosing their garments. A new fashion consultant might also be able to secure employment in an established image consulting firm.

Many fashion consultants will eventually strike out on their own and start their own fashion consulting firm.

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What Are the Education Requirements for a Successful Fashion Consulting Career?

Although there are no strict education requirements for starting a fashion consulting career, a good understanding of fashion and style is usually necessary. Most aspiring fashion consultants are encouraged to earn a degree in fashion or fashion merchandising.

After earning a fashion degree, hopeful fashion consultants should also consider taking a certificate program in fashion consulting. These types of programs help students understand which types of clothing are best for certain types of people. They also teach vital communication skills as well.

Fashion consultants might also want to consider participating in a fashion consulting apprenticeship. These apprenticeships allow inexperienced fashion consultants to work alongside and learn from more experienced professionals in the industry.

What is the Average Annual Salary of a Fashion Consultant?

In general, salaries of fashion consultants will vary greatly, especially from one area to another. Typically, fashion consultants in more populated regions, like big cities, will make more money than fashion consultants in less populated areas.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not record salary data for fashion consultants, which makes determining the average salaries of these professionals even more difficult. According to an article posted on the BLS website, however, fashion consultants can make anywhere from $50 to $500 per hour.

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