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Food – it’s one of life’s necessities as well as one of its greatest pleasures. Not only does food provide us necessary sustenance to keep going every day, but some food is also considered to be an artistic masterpiece, wrapping itself around each and every one of our senses. The sight, smell, and taste of truly good food is often incomparable, for instance. For those skeptics that don’t think of food affecting the other two senses, think again. The texture of a good quality chocolate mousse is often likened to a little slice of heaven, and bacon frying in a skillet in the morning is enough to get anyone’s mouth watering.

See? Food does often rule our lives and our senses. In fact, some chefs may be considered true artists. Culinary artists, to be exact, with food as their medium. They create edible masterpieces, starting with the most basic ingredients, and ending with their carefully placed garnishes.

Obtaining the skills to be considered a culinary artist, however, generally requires more than just access to a kitchen. Culinary artists usually spend several years in culinary art schools, honing their skills and learning exciting new skills.

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What Are Culinary Arts Schools?

In order to learn how to create food masterpieces, most individuals typically attend culinary arts schools. These are educational institutes that teach basic as well as advanced culinary techniques. Students in culinary arts schools, for instance, will often learn the basics of cooking and baking, and some students may even choose to learn business skills needed for managing a restaurant.

Who Should Go to Culinary Art School?

In general, anyone interested in a culinary career should consider attending a culinary school. However, in order to be content and successful in a culinary career, a person should possess a few important characteristics.

  • Organizational Skills: Very important when pursuing a culinary career. Chefs and other kitchen workers should be able to keep their kitchens and work spaces neat and tidy, and all of their tools should be within easy reach. After all, when working in a kitchen, every precious moment counts. Wasting these precious moments hunting for the utensils you need can cause an otherwise perfect dish into a burn mess that belongs right in the trash.
  • Physically Fit: Culinary jobs often require long hours in a hot kitchen, with little time for breaks, especially during meal times. Professionals in this field are typically on their feet nearly all day long, so being in good shape is essential. They should also have a good deal of energy and stamina to keep them going all day – or night – long.
  • People Skills: Because culinary professionals usually work very closely with other kitchen workers, they should also be able to get along well with other people. Communication skills are also important in this profession.The most important quality that a culinary art student can have, however, is an intense love for food. They should have a deep appreciation for all types of foods and be passionate about creating both new and classic dishes.

What Are the Different Types of Culinary Arts Schools?

If you’re interested in attending a culinary school, you will typically have a number of options to choose from.

Traditional colleges and universities, often offer culinary arts degree programs, for instance. If you choose to attend these types of schools, however, you will usually be required to complete some liberal arts classes in addition to cooking classes.

Depending on your location or how far you are willing to travel, you might also be able to attend true culinary arts schools. These types of schools typically offer more focused degree programs in all areas of culinary arts. One such culinary arts school is the Culinary Art Institute of America, which has campuses in New York, California, Texas, and Singapore.

What Courses Will I Take in Culinary Art School?

The majority of culinary schools offer very similar courses.

First of all, students will usually be required to take several basic courses that helps introduce them to the field. These may include courses on the history of culinary arts, international cuisine, and nutrition. Culinary arts students are also usually required to take courses in sanitation, since this an extremely important part of food preparation.

Although traditional classroom courses can help teach culinary art school students some aspects of the field, hands on training is also necessary. For instance, they will often take courses in which they familiarize themselves with the tools appliances of the trade. This usually includes lessons on safety and how to use these items correctly.

Depending on which type of degree program a culinary student is enrolled in, he may also be required to take courses that cover the business aspect of culinary arts as well. These courses typically enable students to learn the ins and outs of running a restaurant or other business that sells food.

Of course, culinary school wouldn’t be culinary school without courses in cooking. Students in culinary arts schools will typically learn a number of different types of cooking and cooking techniques. For example, they may learn how to prepare certain meals like breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They might also take courses in baking, ethnic cuisine, and desserts.

What Degrees Can I Earn In Culinary Arts Schools?

Culinary arts schools will usually offer a few different types of degree programs. Typically, your career goals can help you determine which type of degree is best for you.

Certificate and diploma programs can usually be completed within a year. Although these types of programs only teach the basic fundamentals of this field, they might be an excellent choice for you if you’re looking to get started in your culinary arts career quickly. A culinary arts associate degree program is similar to a certificate program, but it enables students to learn a few more skills. These types of degree programs usually take about two years to complete.


Many culinary arts students, however, often choose to earn bachelor’s degrees. These types of degree programs usually take about four years to complete, and they allow students to gain a deeper understanding of this field. Students working toward culinary arts bachelor degrees are often able to concentrate in one specific area that they are passionate about as well. For instance, students can choose to concentrate on culinary arts in general, restaurant and hotel management, pastry arts, catering, wine and other beverages, or – last, but not least – cooking.

Bachelor’s degrees in culinary arts are usually enough to secure employment nearly anywhere in the food service and hospitality industry. However, if you have loftier goals – such as managing a large restaurant or becoming a head chef – then you may want to consider earning a master’s degree.

What Can I Do With a Degree From a Culinary Arts School?

After graduating from culinary arts school, you will often find that you have dozens of possible career choices. Your most obvious choice is to secure employment in one of the thousands of restaurants in this country. Hotels, vacation lodges, and cruise ships also regularly hire culinary arts school graduates.

If your a born leader, you may want to consider a career in restaurant or hotel management after graduation. These types of positions are often very rewarding, yet require a lot of hard work and dedication.

You can also choose to work for yourself, if working for other people isn’t your “thing”. For instance, some culinary arts school graduates go on to become personal chefs, or open their own restaurants or catering businesses.

Do I Need a Degree From a Culinary Arts School?

It is true that a degree from an accredited culinary arts school may not be necessary to start your culinary arts career. Some professionals in this field, for instance, have been able to work their way up from a food prep worker to head chef. However, these types of situations are rare and require not only perseverance, but luck as well.

Today, many food service establishments are looking to hire skilled culinary arts professionals. This is especially true for positions in management. A degree from a culinary arts school can help you learn these skills and give you valuable experience that will help make you stand out from hundreds of other resumes and applications.

Is a culinary arts degree really required? No…but it sure will give you a competitive edge when trying to land that dream job!