10 Museum Exhibits to Make Time for in 2013

For some museum exhibits are an acquired taste. Some people don’t understand how non-moving works of art of all shapes and sizes can be so fascinating, which is why we decided it was time to try and change some of those people’s minds. There are many ways to appreciate a museum exhibit, including appreciation […]

15 Art Apps You Should Be Using

Chances are, when you think of the mediums in which art is displayed and produced, you are thinking of blank canvasses, or sketch paper, or blocks of marble waiting to be sculpted. But technology is changing all of that.

Now, thanks to the increasing prevalence of Smartphones, people are creating art and staying connected to […]

10 Video Game Studios Behind Some Of Your Favorite Games

Growing up, the idea of playing or developing video games is every boy’s dream. Just the thought of getting paid to create a video game is a dream come true for so many who spent a healthy portion of their childhood glued to the television or computer with their controller in hand. Of course […]

The Great State Cupcake Debate: Best of Alabama

The great Yellowhammer State earns the distinction of being the first state featured in our “Great State Cupcake Debate”. If you are looking for a hint into what we think of the selection and variety in Alabama, just know that the old adages about southern cooking should probably be expanded to include southern cooking […]

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    25 Of The Best Architecture Firms That Are Environmentally Friendly

25 Of The Best Architecture Firms That Are Environmentally Friendly

When someone is designing and constructing a building, the work will have an inevitable impact on the environment, and it usually won’t be a positive impact. As awareness and advocacy around protecting our planet’s environment has grown, the job of the architects has gotten more complicated.

It might seem that they face a serious dilemma, […]

5 Of The Craziest Outfits From Japan Fashion Week 2012

Fashion Weeks in every city are notorious for the celebrities that attend and the competitive fashion designers, each of which are trying to showcase a brand that will help them stick out above the rest of the designers. But perhaps no fashion week is a better place to see some of the craziest and […]

30 Must-See Art Museums In The U.S.

1. National Gallery of Art – Washington, D.C.

I know we said we weren’t ranking the museums. But you can’t create one of these lists without starting with the country’s preeminent art museum. It was created by Congress and financier Andrew W. Mellon as a gift to the people of the United States and it […]