How to Become a Film Director

How to Become a Theater Director

How to Become a Talent Agent

How to Become a Playwright

How to Become a Makeup Artist

Love Art? Sell it as an Art Auctioneer!

What is an Art Auctioneer?
An art auctioneer works to sell pieces of art for the highest possible price, but this is just the more widely-known aspect of his or her job. Most of the time, the auctioneer is the individual who sets the price on the piece, unless his or her clients request a […]

How to Become a Disc Jockey

Create Artful Narratives with a Novelist Career

What is a Novel?
If you’ve ever gotten pulled into a good book that you couldn’t put down, you have most likely fallen victim to a novel.

Novels are by far the most popular type of fiction on the market today. On average, a novel is basically a story that is usually over 40,000 words. Shorter […]