50 Great Clubs For Your Comedy Fix

Let’s get things straight from the beginning, comedy, whether it’s stand-up, improv, or something in between, is most definitely an art form. It takes a unique blend of story-telling ability, acting, practice being a comedian, effortless body language control, timing, and nerve management. Now imagine making your career as a comedian. We have justified this existence […]

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    Art Careers Marketed Via Major Social Media Platforms: Best Practices & Tips

Art Careers Marketed Via Major Social Media Platforms: Best Practices & Tips

There is no denying social media has become a powerful tool in the past decade, especially as a promotional vehicle.  According to the recently released 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 83 percent of more than 3,800 marketers believe that social media is important to their business and an overwhelming 94 percent of marketers […]

How you can use Kickstarter to help promote your art career

Ah the Internet. What a simultaneously wonderful and terrifying place. One moment you can experience a random act of kindness from a complete stranger halfway across the world. The next you could be getting cyber-bullied by anonymous commentators who it seem want nothing more than to make you feel terrible about yourself. Kickstarter is one […]

Things to remember when creating your perfect art portfolio

Make no mistake, no matter how talented you are as an artist, it will be difficult to find recognition for your work — from an employer or a gallery — if you don’t have the portfolio to back up that talent. Considering the competition in all areas of the art world, there is no […]