Make a Script Come to Life as a Storyboard Artist

What is a Storyboard Artist?
A storyboard artist works very closely with the director and other professionals involved in advertising and filmmaking, to create an illustrated version of the finished product. Typically, the storyboard artist will use the script to create pictures of each scene that will need to be filmed, and will include the […]

Tired of Boring Photos? Career as a Portrait Artist!

What is a portrait artist?
A portrait artist creates likenesses of individuals using one or more mediums. This might include pencil, ink, paint, pastels, or another type of medium. Portrait artists may accept commissions to create likenesses of individuals, including famous people and celebrities. This type of artist requires a massive amount of raw talent […]

Medicine Meets Art: Explore a Medical Illustration Career

What is Medical Illustration?
Before the invention of cameras and computers, every illustration in a medical journal or medical textbook was drawn by talented artists. Today, although many of the images found in these publications are photographs, there are still a handful of medical illustrations.

Basically, medical illustration is a cross between medicine and art. This […]

Master the Art of Ink as a Tattoo Artist

What is Tattooing?
Tattooing is one of the oldest art forms known to man. It is a type of body modification that involves creating permanent words or images on the skin. In order to get these images on the skin, ink must be injected under the surface of the skin, by piercing it with a […]

Illustrate Court Proceedings as a Courtroom Sketch Artist

What is Courtroom Sketch Art?
Courtroom sketch art is an artistic representation of courtroom environments and trial proceedings.

Centuries ago, when cameras weren’t invented – or at least as common as they are now – courtroom sketches were the only way that many people could get a glimpse of what happened during a court trial. These […]

Create Exaggerated Works of Art as a Caricaturist

What is a Caricature?
A caricature is a type of drawing, or illustration, that is cartoonish in nature. Many caricatures are drawings of people, but they can also be drawings of places or things.

Unlike regular drawings or portraits, caricatures are generally distorted somewhat. Usually, the main flaws in the subject are grossly over-exaggerated, but the […]

Get the Lead Out: Discover a Sketching Career

What is Sketching?
Sketching is a type of drawing that is done completely freehand. It is often a technique used to create initial representations of final drawings or designs. In some cases, however, artists will create final pieces, just by sketching.

The majority of sketches are created with pencils and graphite sticks, with varying degrees of […]

Create Iconic Characters as a Comic Book Artist

A Short History of Comic Books
Comic books are magazines that are comprised of several comic strips. Many times, these comic strips are all related, and they tell a story. Other comic strips, on the other hand, may be comprised of several different unrelated comic strips.

The comic book has been a source of amusement and […]

Bring Stories to Life as a Book Illustrator

What is Book Illustration?
Book illustration is a form of fine art that is used to create drawn pictures and images for books.

Illustrations are meant to be much more than pretty pictures, however. They will usually help add to or enhance the story in some way.

Generally speaking, illustrations are more commonly found in children’s books. […]

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    Discover the Lighter Side of Life With a Career in Cartooning

Discover the Lighter Side of Life With a Career in Cartooning

What is Cartooning?
Cartooning is the process of drawing still cartoons, which are usually meant to be humorous. These cartoons are often featured in print publications, like magazines and newspapers, as well as online publications, like blogs and websites. Sometimes cartoons will consist of just one picture, while others will consist of several pictures. This […]