Make a Career for Yourself as a Metal Fabricator

What is a Metal Fabricator?
Metal fabricators utilize raw materials, blueprints and machinery to create a huge variety of items, from tools to car parts to art. In order to perform this job, individuals must learn technical skills and knowledge as well as learn how to operate the machinery needed to create the necessary items. […]

Build a Needlework Career, Stitch by Stitch

What is Needlework?
Needlework is a type of craft that involves the use of a sewing needle and thread to decorate textiles. This type of decorative craft can be used to create designs or images on bedding, window treatments, floor coverings, table coverings, apparel, and accessories, like handbags and scarves. Some needlework pieces can be […]

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    Create Beautiful but Temporary Art Forms with an Ice Sculpting Career

Create Beautiful but Temporary Art Forms with an Ice Sculpting Career

What is an Ice Sculpture?
As its name suggests, an ice sculpture is a sculpture made of ice. These types of sculptures were first made in the 16th century by the Chinese. Hunters and fishermen of this time would freeze buckets of water and carve out the center. Candles could then be placed in these […]

Build a Mosaic Art Career, Piece by Piece

What is Mosaic Art?
Mosaic art is an ancient art form that has been used for centuries. It is a type of art that is both functional and attractive. Both the Ancient Greeks and the Ancient Romans used mosaics for artistic and functional purposes, such as tile floors. Early Christians also used mosaics to adorn […]

Immortalize Nature with a Taxidermy Career

What is Taxidermy?
Have you ever seen 10-point trophy mounted on an avid hunter’s wall? Or a marlin mounted in a thrill seeker’s office? Or a beloved deceased family pet proudly displayed on a fireplace mantle? Or a lifelike stuffed animal in a museum exhibit?

These are all examples of taxidermy. The art of taxidermy involves […]

Fire Up Your Career as a Ceramic Artist

What are Ceramics?
Ceramics are objects made from earthenware materials, such as clay. Some examples of ceramic items may include dishes, vases, tiles, and figurines.

There are several different methods for shaping clay to make ceramic items. Dishes, like bowls and vases, are typically shaped by placing them on the center of a pottery wheel. This […]

Turn Your Special Skills into a Career as a Craft Artist

What is Craft Art?
Craft art is a type of art that typically refers to the assembly of handmade goods. This type of art has been around for centuries, and it typically involves making items that are not only attractive, but useful as well. In many instances, crafts are generally made from raw natural materials.

There […]

Create Treasures from Trash with a Career in Found Art

What is Found Art?
Found art is an unusual type of art that involves creating pieces from “found” objects that are not usually considered to be artistic in any way. Most of the objects used in found art usually have another purpose, and they are usually modified in some way to make them into a […]

Create Metal Masterpieces with a Blacksmithing Career

What is Blacksmithing?
Blacksmithing refers to the art or process of shaping and forging metal with the use of heat and tools.

From the time that civilizations discovered that metal could be forged, at least one blacksmith was present in nearly every town across the world. This metal shaping technique made it much easier to forge […]

Create Transparent Works of Art With a Glassblowing Career

What is Glassblowing?
Glassblowing is a centuries old art form that involves shaping and molding blobs of molten glass into vessels and other shapes. This is achieved by gathering the molten glass onto the end of a long metal pipe and blowing air into one end, which causes an air bubble to form in the […]