Land on the Big Screen as a Film Editor

What is a Film Editor?
A film editor works with the raw footage of a film, cutting and placing footage together to create the final sequence of the finished film. A talented film editor is able to make the transition from one scene to the next very natural, so the audience doesn’t even register it […]

Love Art? Sell it as an Art Auctioneer!

What is an Art Auctioneer?
An art auctioneer works to sell pieces of art for the highest possible price, but this is just the more widely-known aspect of his or her job. Most of the time, the auctioneer is the individual who sets the price on the piece, unless his or her clients request a […]

Combine Work and Play With a Video Game Design Career

What Is Video Game Design?
For anyone that loves and lives to play video games, video game design can be a dream job.

Video game design refers to planning, designing, and creating video games. Video game designers will often work closely with other members of a team to create video games for computers and video game […]

Take the Right Steps Toward a Career in Dance

What Is Dance?
Dance is a type of art form in which people use their bodies to express themselves, and usually a dance is accompanied by music. When dancing, a person often tries to express different ideas and emotions with her movements. Some types of dance can also be used for storytelling.

Since dancing is a […]

Spot the Talent with a Casting Director Career

What is a Casting Agent?
There’s typically one thing standing between most actors and actresses and their big breaks. Well, other than talent of course. Anyway, that one thing is usually a casting directorA casting director is an entertainment professional that auditions actors and actresses and assigns roles.

Although you might be under the impression that […]

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    Advance the Careers of Creative Professionals as a Talent Agent

Advance the Careers of Creative Professionals as a Talent Agent

What is a Talent Agent?
Finding work in the creative field can be extraordinarily difficult. In fact, only a small percentage of artists actually find any steady work in their field. Even less become well known artists. In many cases, finding jobs in the entertainment involves both talent and luck.

Having a good talent agent, however, […]

Camera Shy? Try a Voice-Over Career

What is Voice-Over?
Admit it – you hear voices everywhere. On your morning commute to work, at night when you’re watching the evening news, and possibly even late at night when you can’t sleep.

No, not the ones in your head. We’re talking about the ones supplied by voice-over artists.

Voice over is a type of off-stage […]

To Be, or Not To Be…a Theater Director

What is a Theater Director?
Imagine yourself sitting in a darkened theater. You watch as the actors in the play flawlessly deliver each of their lines and hit their cues every time, without fail. You’re captivated as the story unfolds before your eyes.

To most audience members, the production of a play often appears to be […]

Make Beautiful Music with an Opera Singing Career

What is Opera?
An opera is a type of dramatic work or theatrical presentation which is set to music. Most operas attempt to tell a moving and dramatic story through instrumental music and vocalizations. Unlike musicals, however, operas typically contain no spoken dialogue, but rely solely on music to tell a story. Operas are also […]

Ventriloquism Careers for Dummies

What is Ventriloquism?
Ventriloquism is often referred to as the art of “throwing” one’s voice, or making it sound like it’s coming from somewhere else. The most recognized form of ventriloquism involves the use dolls or dummies as props, making it seem as though these inanimate toys have come to life.

Traditional ventriloquist dummies, which are […]