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    Eat, Sleep, and Live Art? Teach it as a University Art Instructor!

Eat, Sleep, and Live Art? Teach it as a University Art Instructor!

What is a University Art Instructor?

A university art instructor is, simply put, an individual that teaches some aspect of art to his or her students. Most of the time, those interested in becoming art instructors are artists who have honed their skills and talents and want to share their love of art and their […]

Communicate to the World with a Journalism Career

What is Journalism?
Every day, people are curious about events happening all around them. Some will sit nestled with their morning newspapers at their breakfast nooks. Others peruse their weekly news magazines as soon as they hit the mailbox. Television newscasts and informational websites are also very popular for keeping abreast of current events. Without […]

Art Professor Career- Mold Young Minds Everyday

What is an Art Professor?
Art is often considered to be one of the oldest forms of self-expression. Works of art can often be described using a multitude of different words. Art may be beautiful, plain, calming, hideous, frightening, angry, or whimsical. It can also bring about certain feelings, emotions, and memories. For instance, a […]

Promote Healthy Self-Expression With an Art Therapy Career

What is Art Therapy?
Life is full of boundaries, but with art, there are no boundaries. Today, more and more people are finding that they can go beyond their perceived boundaries and gain interesting insights on their lives with art therapy.

Art therapy is a relatively new type of therapy that began sometime around the 1940’s. […]

Create Artful Narratives with a Novelist Career

What is a Novel?
If you’ve ever gotten pulled into a good book that you couldn’t put down, you have most likely fallen victim to a novel.

Novels are by far the most popular type of fiction on the market today. On average, a novel is basically a story that is usually over 40,000 words. Shorter […]

Oversee Great Collections of Art as a Museum Curator

What is a Museum Curator?
A museum curator is often considered to be a manager or overseer of a museum. Depending on the size of a particular museum, there may be just one curator or there may be several. In general, a small museum will usually only have one curator overseeing the entire facility, while […]

Awaken Your Spirit with a Career in African Art

What is African Art?
In the most basic sense, African art is a type of art that originated and is influenced by the number of diverse cultures in Africa.

Just as many historians believe that Africa was the birthplace of all mankind, some art experts believe that African art was the beginning of all art. Whether […]

Explore Art’s Deeper Meaning With a Career in Art History

What is Art History?
The concept of art is often considered to be one of the earliest forms of self-expression, creativity, and communication. The earliest cave paintings are one of the most popular examples of the earliest forms of art.

Throughout the years, however, art and art techniques have grown and evolved with humankind. The age […]