Get a Taste of a Culinary Art Career

What is Culinary Art?
The term culinary art refers to the process of cooking and arranging food.

Culinary art is more than just cooking, however. Professionals in this field not only prepare palatable food, they also create edible works of art, so to speak. Generally, the food is carefully prepared and arranged so that it is […]

How you can use Kickstarter to help promote your art career

Ah the Internet. What a simultaneously wonderful and terrifying place. One moment you can experience a random act of kindness from a complete stranger halfway across the world. The next you could be getting cyber-bullied by anonymous commentators who it seem want nothing more than to make you feel terrible about yourself. Kickstarter is one […]

Spot the Talent with a Casting Director Career

What is a Casting Agent?
There’s typically one thing standing between most actors and actresses and their big breaks. Well, other than talent of course. Anyway, that one thing is usually a casting directorA casting director is an entertainment professional that auditions actors and actresses and assigns roles.

Although you might be under the impression that […]

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    Advance the Careers of Creative Professionals as a Talent Agent

Advance the Careers of Creative Professionals as a Talent Agent

What is a Talent Agent?
Finding work in the creative field can be extraordinarily difficult. In fact, only a small percentage of artists actually find any steady work in their field. Even less become well known artists. In many cases, finding jobs in the entertainment involves both talent and luck.

Having a good talent agent, however, […]

Buy and Sell Masterpieces With an Art Dealer Career

What is an Art Dealer?
For many of us, art is a big part of our lives – even if we might not realize it. Nearly everywhere we look, we’re greeted with some type of art work, from the logos on our t-shirts to the prints on our living room walls to the more extensive […]

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    Art Expert Interview – Leah Jachimowicz: On printmaking and how it’s a “labor of love”

Art Expert Interview – Leah Jachimowicz: On printmaking and how it’s a “labor of love”

For some artists, it takes years of trials and tribulations before they discover what type of art they are truly passionate about. For Leah Jachimowicz, it seemed like she was headed down the same road, until she pulled her first print, and fell in love. Now Jachimowicz hasn’t quite found a way to quit […]

Camera Shy? Try a Voice-Over Career

What is Voice-Over?
Admit it – you hear voices everywhere. On your morning commute to work, at night when you’re watching the evening news, and possibly even late at night when you can’t sleep.

No, not the ones in your head. We’re talking about the ones supplied by voice-over artists.

Voice over is a type of off-stage […]

Monday Five: Art News Roundup 04.16.12

After a few slow weeks in terms of art news, things are picking back up again. Whether it was the passing of a celebrated artist like Thomas Kinkade or this week’s news that the University of Iowa plans to celebrate artist Grant Wood is a very special way, there are a lot of interesting […]

To Be, or Not To Be…a Theater Director

What is a Theater Director?
Imagine yourself sitting in a darkened theater. You watch as the actors in the play flawlessly deliver each of their lines and hit their cues every time, without fail. You’re captivated as the story unfolds before your eyes.

To most audience members, the production of a play often appears to be […]

Art Expert Interview – Rob Corpuz: Life As A Photographer

Sometimes, something very small can inspire something much larger. Such is the case for photographer Rob Corpuz, who was so inspired by an image he had already seen dozens of times that he decided to devote his time to one of his passions — photography.

If we could count that high, the number of people […]