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Make Ideas Come to Life as a Product Designer

What is a Product Designer?
A product designer is someone who designs the look of different types of products, from mobile devices to vehicles. Typically, these individuals receive a host of information about a new product, including its use, target market, and functionality, and they create mock-ups of what the actual product will look like. […]

15 Notable Art Professors in Toronto, Canada

As one of Canada’s largest cities and one of its foremost cultural centers, Toronto has a flourishing and diverse art community. It also is an post-secondary education hub in Canada and boasts some of the country’s finest research institutions and art schools. It is only right that we start with Toronto when making any […]

Make a Career for Yourself as a Metal Fabricator

What is a Metal Fabricator?
Metal fabricators utilize raw materials, blueprints and machinery to create a huge variety of items, from tools to car parts to art. In order to perform this job, individuals must learn technical skills and knowledge as well as learn how to operate the machinery needed to create the necessary items. […]

Land on the Big Screen as a Film Editor

What is a Film Editor?
A film editor works with the raw footage of a film, cutting and placing footage together to create the final sequence of the finished film. A talented film editor is able to make the transition from one scene to the next very natural, so the audience doesn’t even register it […]

Love Art? Sell it as an Art Auctioneer!

What is an Art Auctioneer?
An art auctioneer works to sell pieces of art for the highest possible price, but this is just the more widely-known aspect of his or her job. Most of the time, the auctioneer is the individual who sets the price on the piece, unless his or her clients request a […]

Decode the Language of the Web as a Web Developer

What is a Web Developer?
Web developers build websites, but that just scratches the surface of what they do. Whereas the website designer creates the overall look of the website, the developer has a deep understanding of authoring or scripting languages used to create websites. This allows them to convert the different components (from audio […]

Never Stop Having Fun as a Video Game Creative Director

What is a Video Game Creative Director?

Defining the role of a video game design creative director can be difficult because the exact duties of this profession can differ from one agency to the next. Like many creative professions, there is no specific set of guidelines that are followed across the board. However, all video […]

15 Noteworthy Art Professors in Paris, France

Anyone who loves different forms of art knows about Paris, France. Once of the greatest cities in the world to visit, Paris is rich with art and architectural history and culture. Once just considered a great city for tourism, Paris is now a flourishing metropolis with one of the most vibrant art scences in […]

Design the Pages of Books with a Print Design Career

What is a Print Designer?

A print designer is very closely related to a graphic designer, though print designers work to ensure that the print on a page is attractive and ready to print. Using technical and typographical skills, print designers ready items for print using a variety of techniques from determining font types, sizes, […]

Level Up with a Career as a Game Level Designer

What is a Game Level Designer?
A game level designer is a type of game designer that works to create various levels and steps that progress through a game. These professionals often work with level editors, which are tools created by the game programmer, which assist level designers with creation of the level so that […]