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15 Noteworthy Art Professors in Miami

A city that didn’t rise to real national prominence until after World War II, Miami is now one of the 50 most populous cities in the country and the Miami metropolitan area is one of the 10 most populous metro area in the country. As the city’s population has risen, so has its relevance […]

Bring Film to Life as a Visual Effects Animator!

What is a Visual Effects Animator?
A visual effects animator is the individual responsible for inserting special effects into films; effects that cannot be added during live action shooting. A great example is when the green screen is used during shots of actors in a studio, and an exciting background is added later. These professionals […]

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    Eat, Sleep, and Live Art? Teach it as a University Art Instructor!

Eat, Sleep, and Live Art? Teach it as a University Art Instructor!

What is a University Art Instructor?

A university art instructor is, simply put, an individual that teaches some aspect of art to his or her students. Most of the time, those interested in becoming art instructors are artists who have honed their skills and talents and want to share their love of art and their […]

Enhance the Digital World as a UI/UX Artist

What is a UI/UX Artist?

Within game development, website development, app development and many other types of development, there are artists who work with the user interface (UI) as well as the user experience (UX), since both need to be top-notch. The user interface is the end-user side of the video game or other application; […]

Help People Travel in Style as a Transportation Designer!

What is a Transportation Designer?

Transportation Designers are commercial and industrial designers who have specialized, and who create designs for vehicles and transportation related products. Many of these individuals specialize further, especially when working for a particular company or organization, and focus on small niche areas. This might include automotive concept design, public transportation, aircraft […]

Make a Script Come to Life as a Storyboard Artist

What is a Storyboard Artist?
A storyboard artist works very closely with the director and other professionals involved in advertising and filmmaking, to create an illustrated version of the finished product. Typically, the storyboard artist will use the script to create pictures of each scene that will need to be filmed, and will include the […]

Tired of Boring Photos? Career as a Portrait Artist!

What is a portrait artist?
A portrait artist creates likenesses of individuals using one or more mediums. This might include pencil, ink, paint, pastels, or another type of medium. Portrait artists may accept commissions to create likenesses of individuals, including famous people and celebrities. This type of artist requires a massive amount of raw talent […]

Flee the Background Noise as a Sound Effects Editor

What is a Sound Effects Editor?

Whereas a sound designer often creates the sounds needed in films and videos, a sound effects editor ensures that the sounds are interjected at exactly the right time. This professional will work on a film, video, video game or other project during production as well as post-production, enhancing sound […]

Multimedia Design: Taking the Shape of Multiple Media Forms

What is a Multimedia Designer?
Multimedia is exactly what it sounds like – a combination of two or three different content forms to make a more compelling or exciting final product. Multimedia can include a combination of text, audio, images, animation, or video, and the process of combining these content forms is not easy. It […]

Amp Up Movie Experiences as a Sound Designer

What is a Sound Designer?

A sound designer works with the sounds of a film, movie, video or other project to ensure that the end user receives a rich sensory experience, and that the sound matches the overall vision for the project. While music is a large portion of what a sound designer works with, […]