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Advertisements are forms of communication that are used to help persuade people into taking some sort of action. Most advertisements, for instance, are geared at consumers. The purpose of these types of advertisements is to present products, goods, or services in such a pleasant light that consumers feel the need to spend their money on them. Other types of advertisements, however, may be used to persuade people to take some sort of action, such as vote for a certain politician or stay off drugs.

Every day we a barraged with different types of advertisements nearly everywhere we look. They’re in the morning paper, on the billboards on the way to work, and on television when we relax at night. Advertising is a simple fact of modern life, and it’s here to stay!

Advertising is also a big business, and some estimates suggest that companies in this industry bring in millions of dollars each year. Because advertising is such a prominent part of modern day life, it is also a rapidly growing industry. A career in advertising is generally very lucrative, and there is also room for creative growth.

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Types of Advertising Art and Design Schools

A successful advertising career, however, often starts with a focused education. If you are looking to start your career in this industry, you should look into several advertising art and design schools. Many schools offer advertising degrees, and the type of school you choose will depend on your career goals, as well as your individual wants and needs.

  • Traditional Universities Most traditional colleges and universities offer degrees in advertising. These degree programs often give students a chance to learn about nearly every aspect of advertising, including advertising strategies, copywriting, and advertising art. Unlike some other advertising art and design schools, however, traditional universities may not be able to offer very focused advertising degrees.
  • Art Schools Many art schools also offer advertising degree programs. These schools, however, typically focus on the visual aspects of advertising, such as advertising graphic design. Art schools are more geared toward the artist looking to try his hand at advertising.
  • Advertising Art and Design Schools Every single aspect of advertising art and design can be learned at advertising art and design schools. Advertising schools offer very focused degree programs for aspiring advertisers. Students enrolled in these types of schools will often have a chance to gain an in-depth understanding of every aspect of advertising, depending on their interests. For instance, students interested in advertising photography will learn about photography skills and techniques in the advertising world.

Courses in Advertising Art and Design Schools

Curriculums for the different advertising art and design schools are never exactly the same. Many of these schools, however, do require students to take certain courses.

Most advertising students, for instance, are required to take courses in advertising history, in which they will learn about the different methods of advertising used throughout the years. Courses that cover how consumers respond to different advertisements are also usually offered. The legalities and ethics concerning advertising are also required courses when attending advertising art and design schools.

Advertising students will also usually be required to take several other courses while earning their degree as well. Depending on their preferred areas of study, for instance, they may take courses in business, writing, or art and design. The courses that a student is required to take will also usually be determined by what types of advertisements he wishes to help create.

Types of Advertisements

As mentioned earlier, advertisements can be seen just about everywhere. In fact, it’s often difficult to escape from advertising. Because of this, there are several different types of advertisements in the advertising industry.

Broadcast Advertising

One of the most common methods of advertising is known as broadcast advertising. Television, radio and internet advertisements are all broadcast advertisements.

  • Television advertisements are obviously advertisements that are seen on television. The most commonly thought of television advertisements are the ones that are viewed during the breaks between television shows. These short advertisements are typically about 30 seconds in length. Longer television advertisements, called infomercials, may be several minutes long.
  • Radio advertisements are advertisements that auditory. These typically employ the use of sounds, like speech, music, and sound effects.

Online advertising

Advertisements on web pages and other online mediums are becoming increasingly popular with the rising availability of the Internet. These types of advertisements can be extremely simple or very complicated. For instance, some online advertisements are disguised as simple text links, while others are large banners or even flash videos.

Print Advertising

Advertisements that are featured in periodicals, particularly newspapers and magazines are referred to as print advertisements. Fliers and brochures are also considered to be print advertisements. These types of advertisements typically feature photographs or other images, as well as text.

Outdoor Advertising

Any advertising that is in an outdoor area is typically referred to as an outdoor advertisement. This includes billboards, murals, and certain types of mobile advertisements. Mobile advertisements are often featured on certain forms of transportation, including taxi cabs, buses, and trains. Human billboards are another form of outdoor advertising.

Covert Advertising

Covert advertisements are somewhat sneaky types of advertisements that rely on subliminal messages. For instance, a brand name product does not appear in a major motion picture on accident. It is strategically placed there to put that product in the front of the viewers’ minds, making them more likely to think of that particular product during their next shopping trip. This tactic is known as product placement.