Fashion Weeks in every city are notorious for the celebrities that attend and the competitive fashion designers, each of which are trying to showcase a brand that will help them stick out above the rest of the designers. But perhaps no fashion week is a better place to see some of the craziest and most inspired fashion than Japan Fashion Week, which started on March 18 and will run through March 23 in Tokyo.

The week is still far from over, which means there will be plenty of more crazy outfits to check out. But we weren’t planning on running any post about Japan Fashion Week, that is until we saw how awesome the outfits and designs were and then we couldn’t look away. We felt like we had to share it with those who had no idea Japan Fashion Week was home to some of the best fashion in the world.

We are not fashion designers, nor do we pretend to have excellent fashion taste, which is why the following list of the craziest outfits we have seen from Japan Fashion Week should be taken with a grain of salt. We understand that most of the outfits modeled on the runway aren’t meant to be worn in public, nor do we intend to belittle any of the fashion designers mentioned by poking fun at the outfits they designed.We understand that these designers worked very hard on their creations, and we want this post to be viewed as a celebration of their unique creativity and fashion sense.

Special thanks to Kjeld Duits, the excellent fashion photographer who runs Japanese Streets, from which all of these photos were lifted. He is doing the hard work, and without his images, this post couldn’t have been created with.

1. Nozomi Ishiguro

In order to fully grasp all the creativity that is in these two outfits, you really need to examine the photo more than once. For example, the first time around I missed the model on the left’s sweet socks and never noticed the knee pocket sewn onto his right pant leg (I mean seriously folks, how awesome is a knee pocket?). What I definitely did not miss is the colorful and exotic tassels hanging off the jeans of the model on the right, and there is no way anyone blessed with the ability of sight could have missed those ridiculously awesome multi-shaped sunglasses. You might dismiss them as kooky at first glance but let’s be honest, if you saw someone wearing those at a party, you would go up and ask him where he got those and how you could get a pair. I have no idea how much they help when it comes to blocking out the sunlight,  but that is secondary to their oddly engrossing creativity.

2. In Process By Hall Ohara

We are not sure whether it is a jacket, a dress, a sleeping bag or a tent, but whatever that bright orange layer is supposed to be, it looks really warm, and really comfortable, and really awesome. Remember how excited you were when you first discovered the reversible jacket existed? That is how I feel right now looking at that only magnify that excitement by 10. Forget the Snuggie, that blows the Snuggie out of the water. I am also a huge fan of the pattern on the socks (stockings?) and how they match the non-orange design on the jacket. Plus, if you are feeling mysterious or a little bit embarrassed by your enormous orange jacket, just throw on the hood, not that anyone passing by will be looking at your face anyway.

3. Hiroko Koshino

I have a policy when it comes to posting runway outfits — a policy I just created five minutes ago — and that policy states that anytime you can find a woman with a large, bright-red dragon attached to her dress, that woman and that outfit automatically make the list. The way this dress blends vibrant and duller colors together works flawlessly and I even like the poofy shoulders (although they kind of give me the feeling of a ladybug about to take flight). But the dragon, intricately designed and bejeweled, is nearly impossible to take your eyes off. I move that, from now on, when Girl Scouts earn a new merit badge, they should do away with the hokey little badges and replace them with giant bejeweled red dragons. We are sure that is a dragon right?

4. Nihei

This is an outfit that has so much flair the manager of Chotchkies would be proud (if you don’t get this joke, go watch Office Space, you can thank me later).  There is a rabbit, and a bowtie, and a bloodshot eyeball, so much more. Frankly, this whole outfit has so much going on it can be overwhelming at first. The flair and the tutu are fine, but I instantly gravitated to the bright pink hood and the model’s eyelashes, which give off the illusion that she has been crying. It must get obnoxious to have all of those trinkets dangling from your neck and banging around when you walk, but when I guess when you are rocking a tutu with such an insane hood, you probably don’t care about the flair too much.

5. Yuima Nakazato

We saved the best for last and these are easily two of the more ridiculous ensembles anyone has had the audacity to put on the runway. The guy on the right reminds me of a new-age blue power ranger…if the blue power ranger was still wearing his superhero outfit from 10 years ago. The vest is awfully shiny, but the arm sleeves are my favorite part. I am surprised that someone in the NBA hasn’t seen this photo yet and jumped all over one of those arm sleeves. As for the poor guy on the left, I can’t imagine it is comfortable to carry a sharp tree branch on your groin (if that is in fact what is going on) but couldn’t we at least get the guy some pants? I actually like the jacket design on the left much better than the design on the right, although the way it comes up and covers his mouth must not be comfortable. But I admit, I cannot look away from what is going on below this man’s torso.

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